Been a bit while still getting used to having to remember to write

So it’s been over a week since my last post but mostly because I’m not used to having to remember to write. Part of why I never excelled at keep a journal. LoL. My attention spam can be fairly short and scattered at times.

Yay news: This week we are 38 weeks along and the Doctors have said if the princess wants to come along its all good. She’ll still be a bit on the smaller side due to the growth issues from Christmas but otherwise should be healthy.

Boo news: I think that since we tried to keep her in for so long after all the complications that now she’ll be a stubborn little monkey and hold on tight, making us all wait at least a week past her due date. (She’s high maintanance already)

Yay news: After WEEKS of waiting for my sick leave and Mat to kick in it finally did. That was frustrating let me tell you. Especially at holiday time and with a baby on the way.

Boo news: ‘C’ just got told today he’s been put on night shifts for the next 2 months… Just before we are due. he is not impressed, but we understand it’s because he is the only one with the experience and reliability for the job requirements. Will just make go time and the first bit once we’re home interesting I Guess.

Yay news: I’m no longer on bed rest since we’ve gotten to ‘term’, so I can finally finish prepping her room and getting things ready. Also means that I could finally pack a baby bag for the hospital since we know she isn’t going to be a premie now. I’ve been going batty not being able to do all the classic ‘nesting’ and whatnot that helps women feel more in control of the whole she-bang.

I can also go out again without an escort but still feel better when not alone, but means I get to go pick out our groceries again. I love ‘C’, but he’s such a caveman food wise at times. Since grocery shopping has always been my favourite type of shopping it’s very exciting to be able to go again and spend an hour or so puttering about the store making selections again. I’ve missed my salads and veggies (‘C’ isn’t a huge vegetable fan and ‘forgets’ to get all of them when I send him out) as well as just munching on an apple for something.

I’ve been very good all pregnancy about not just randomly shoving anything and everything into my mouth when hungry or craving… partly at first due to the morning sickness. No point in eating a steak if it won’t stay down right? I luckily also happened to seem to crave/just need lots of fruits and veggies. I always have liked them and tried to eat a decent mixture of them, but every now and then I just want chocolate or something sweet. Last week it was Dairy Queen, which I havent has since before I found out we were expecting. So I gave in and let me say I’m so glad I did and I feel guilt free.

Guilt free since of the 3 groups ahead of me 2 were pregnant women and the couple right in frontof me it turns out had just had a premie 4 weeks earlier and were just grabbing a treat before heading back to the hospital to see their son. We ended up having conversation about their situation, which was literally the same as mine but more severe. Her abruption got so serious they had to take the baby out at 29 weeks, which was when I spent a week in the hospital. Since they knew I’d gone through a similar issue we talked for a bit and since I knew all the risks of complications of birth at the gestation we discussed it a little. They’re so lucky, the Doctors have told them their son is doing the absolute best a premie can at the age, no complications beyond the usual minor ones as opposed to any of the possible casastrophic ones that could have arisen. Made me so  glad for them to know how well it was going all things considered after some friends had recently just experienced the worst thing a new parent can when a baby arrives early.

Time to pee, yes that’s TMI but I’m very pregnant, you gotta expect it. LoL



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