The Princess Has Arrived

So once again it’s been a bit since I last posted but things got a little crazy. I remember writing about how I was going to start trying those ‘tips’ for encouraging labour from online… Never got to try any out.

Last Tuesday afternoon ‘C’ started his night shifts and a girl friend who is 16 weeks aong now in her pregnancy came over. We planned on watching a movie and having pizza and just gabbing and chatting obsessively about babies and pregnancy. We did all of those things, including joking about me going into labour while she was over or very soon anyways. This was decided to possibly happen soon since that morning I’d had a dream I had gone into labour and awoke in the push position. Weird I know.

Anyways, we spent several happy hours thusly and around 9pm she had to head home. I waddled with her to her car and told her to at least text me so I knew she arrived safely. Then I waddled, huffed and puffed my way up to the apartment. I puttered around and did a few dishes while feeling restless the whole time. I got a text around 9:30pm letting me know she was home safe and sound and we kept on texting. I was alos lying on the loveseat and surfing online when all of the sudden I felt a squirt between my legs. Anyone whose been very pregnant knows it can be hard to gauge bathroom necessity, so my first thought was ‘Oh no! I peed myself’. I jumped up and while trying to clench desperately and rush to the washroom it kept coming. While leaking through my second pair of panties I decided it was definately my water had broken, but I was still contraction free. As I mentioned in previous posts I`ve not had the easiest pregnany so I called ‘C’ and got his voicemail. I hung up and sent him a text saying ‘I think my water broke’ and while waiting for a reply called the hospitals materinty triage.

The triage took my information and number and said the Dr would call me back with what they wanted me to do. While I waited ‘C’ walked in the door, aqbout 7 minutes after I sent the text. My first thought was ‘Wow, that was quick getting home’. So I asked if he’s gotten my text. He got a deer in the head lights look and checked his phone. I could tell when he’d finished reading because his eyes rolled, he swayed and then he started running around like a chicken with no head jibbering about everything he still needed to do and pack. Finally I told him to take a shower since he wouldn’t get another chance until after thw birth.

The triage called back and told us even though there were no contractions they thought it was safest if I came in sooner than later. I got the mister out of the shower and figured I should follow suit and had just a quick one while he packed some things for himself in my nag that had been sitting by the door for the last few weeks. Finally we headed to the hospital.

We walked into the triage right around 12am Wednesday morning and they had me on a bed and a Dr in the room within 5 minutes. They did a quick internal to verify my water had broken and waited to see if contractions had started. At this point I still had none so they decided to induce me. I was moved into a delivery room and ironically enough contractions started just before 1am. They were about 18-20 minutes apart but quite intense. They called the anesthesiologist in to go over an epidural with me. I wanted drugs, I don’t mind some pain but I’m not a glutton for it, pfft, I so wanted drugs, so the Dr said he was going to get the paperwork and get set up and we would started the epidural around 2am.

By the time he was back and we were ready to start my contractions had gone from 18 minutes to literally 2 minutes apart and I hadn`t been induced yet. They hurt like a B*tch let me tell you. They also made it extra work to get the epidural done since they were coming so frequently and you have to stay as still as possible in a hunched over position for the needle. It took about 45 minutes to get it done due to them and I was exhausted by then. I`d been up since 5:30am Tuesday morning and it takes a lot of effort and will to sit still during a contraction. I remember shutting my eyes and just breathing deeply for several minutes c alming myself and going over some meditatons I had learnt in a pain management course.

All of the sudden I heard monitors beeping loudly and a nurse and Dr rushing around and speaking medicalese at eachother while they handed `C`an oxygen mask and told him to hold it over my face. I had no clue what was happening only that it was obviously bad. They started rolling me from side to side and then pushing on my belly before finally positioning my legs around like I was a gymnist and having to go in and put a monitor in the babies head internally while trying to apparently get her breathing right again. It turns out something in the labour was either hurting her or causing distress and her heartrate would start to bottom out. They still aren`t exactly sure why this happened. It also stopped my dilation, I`d been at 4cm before this happened and when they checked after her heartrate settled it was no longer progressing.

Over the next 7.5 hours this bottoming out would happen 5 more times going for longer and causing the Dr`s to have to go to greater lenths to get her back to a safe rate and pace, while also causing my dilation to regress. Terrifying when you think about it really. Finally one of the Dr`s came in and told us essentially we had a 3-5% chance of having everything get better and having a vaginal birth but they thought a C-Section would be best. They told us we could say `yes`then and we would go into the OR within the next hour or so and `C`would be allowed with me and I would still be awake. They warned us that if we decided to wait it out hoping for the best and her heartrate dropped again they would have to to an emergancy C-Section in which they would have to put me fully under and `C` wouldn`t be allowed in the OR due to the seriousness to the situation… Guess what option we went with.

So we were having a C-Section now. They were correct in it only taking about an hour before were were being led into the OR. I went in first and they upped my epidural to completely numb me from the chest down while strapping my onto the bed with my arms outspread like something out of an episode of Greys Anatomy. Finally it was time to start and `C`was led in. I was groggy for this part but still aware, just heavy feeling. I remember hearing her frst cries and thinking `Thank goodness!` before they started to evacuate the placenta and whatever else they do down there. Unfortuntaley it started to burn and I mean BURN, as in think of the worst sunburn you`ve ever had and imagine someone walking up to you and full tilt smacking it, but deep inside as well as outside.

They had to up the drugs greatly which threw me for a wicked loop. I remember feeling like things were in super slow motion and at one point trying to say to the Dr `I`m high as shit.`which I was told later I said 7-8 times causing the nurses to giggle. My drug dreams I remember not at all detail wise, but I do remember some being good and some being scary. `C`said he could tell when they were bad because I would look terrified. He also said I looked like a rag doll flopping about on the table due to the Dr`s ministrations to get out the placenta and sew me back up. I remember none of this thankfully.

I woke up around 3pm in the recovery room seeing 5 of everything, unable to really process anything let alone hold the baby. But once I was more aware and sobered up I got to finally hold her and see her. PERFECTION. She was born on January 25th at 1:43pm weighing 7lbs exactly and measuring 19 inches. She was 2 weeks to ther day early. Today she turned 6 days.

Time for a feeding. Will write again tomorrow with details of the post delivery stay and whatnot.


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