Scariest week of my life…

ImageSo I fully know it has been quite awhile since I last wrote. In fact since just after I had the princess. Let me explain… My daughter got sick, we’ll call her ‘M’.

By sick I don’t just mean a tiny fever or anything, I mean hospitalized sick. It all started the day I last posted actually. She coughed and sneezed. Not a big deal right? Well 2 days later she choked on nothing and started going red. Not being an idiot I didn’t wait for her to turn blue before I started lightly smacking her back to help her breathe again. It only happened 2-3 times that day. 2 days later it wouldn’t stop happening, at one point it was 3 times in 10 minutes. I decided to call Ontario Telehealth and get medical opinion on top of my own desire to take her to see a doctor. She did the choking thing while I was speaking with the nurse. They told me not to wait for a Dr appointment and to take her to the hospital, so off we went.

Because she is and was so young it didn’t take long to get in to see the ER doctors. They told us it was just a cold, vacuumed her nose out since she was almost unable to breathe out of her nose and told us to go home and continue suctioning her nose and watch for a fever. We went home and over the next few days I became paraniod and convinced it was more than ‘just a cold’.

Monday morning I called my health centre and bullied my way into an appointment that day instead of waiting until that Thursday to see them when we had a scheduled appointment. I’m so very glad and grateful for New Mom Paranoia. The nurse brought us in and stripped the baby to her diaper and started listening to her chest. She did this for only a moment before telling me to wait and leaving the room. When the nurse returned she came back with the doctor. They both did a series of tests and then told me to dress her quickly that they were rushing us to the hospital. They were calling for a ride already and writing out a report for the ER.

We got to the ER at The Hospital for Sick Children and I called ‘C’ telling him what I knew so far. He’s working midnights for his company at the moment so he came rushing with her bag of stuff while we waited for a room. When they finally saw ‘M’ the doctors told us immediately that she would be staying at least overnight and they were just waiting for a room for her. While we waited they hooked her up to a monitor that checked her oxygen levels and heart rate as well as started an IV.

Finally around 9 pm we were taken upstairs to our own room and given some more information on what exactly was wrong. ‘M’ has RSV, which stands for Respiratory syncytial virus. If you look it up the sites say it isn’t a huge concern except in babies under 3 months. ‘M’ at the point was 2 weeks 5 days upon admittance. Since it’s a virus there is no medication that can be given to ‘cure’ it, you have to let it run its course and when a baby is admitted it’s usually so the medical staff and help support the baby in their recovery over the worst part of the virus.

We were admitted Monday evening and it seemed that things weren’t getting worse but they also weren’t getting any better until Tuesday night when her oxygen levels started to drop into the danger zone and the doctors decided to put her in what’s called and oxygen hood. Basically, a large box with one side as a flap for the childs body and a tube connected to a humidified supply of air to assist her in getting a proper oxygen supply. We could see this helped immediately, except during feedings when we had to take her out of the box.

You’d think that would be awful enough right? Well, Wednesday afternoon after a feeding ‘C’ was holding her when ‘M’ stopped breathing… Literally going white and not moving. I was watching her and noticed her chest stopped rising and falling. I started shaking her. He father stayed calm not fully realizing what was happening when all the monitors started going off. My jostling got her breeathing again but the monitors had registered it for a bit after her oxygen and heart rate levels were WAY below normal. The nurses came running and ‘M’ ended up being hooked up to all those heart monitors you see on TV when some one has had a heart attack, as well as having to have and EKG and chest X-ray.

Chest X-rays on a baby are absolutely traumatic, not for babies since at 3 weeks they won’t remember but for the parents. I felt like I was torturing her. Both she and I were crying, her because she was sick and scared, me because felt like I was hurting her and a terrible mom for letting it come to that. After the X-ray the did the EKG in her room, which came back normal. Her X-ray showed that on top of the RSV she also had Bronciolitis, another lung virus which can be a complication of the RSV.

We ended up staying at the hospital until Saturday early afternoon. It was so gratifying to be able to bring her home, more so than first first trip home after birth because that trip was exciting with a new baby and this one was us bring our sick baby home finally because she was out of the danger zone. After being discharged we had to see ‘M’s family doctor as soon as possible, which ended up being Tuesday due to Family Day on Monday. Since going home we found out she’d lost 4 ounces which isn’t terrible but still worrying. I’m now constantly checking to see that she’s breathing steadily and not having any problems when she coughs, although she does still do the choking thing occassionally but is getting better slowly.

Now that things have settled again i should be able to start writing more regularly like I said I would last time.


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