Breast Milk Frustrations

I had mentioned in a previous post that from the beginning my daughter was never able to latch properly and so we’ve been pumping and bottle feeding her breast milk. It’s not an ideal situation, both in time and energy, but to me much more preferable then formula. Even when I was pregnant I knew that if I had the milk I would be breast feeding, the benefits and cost were just too great to not at least make the attempt. I bought a friends pump to use  to store extra milk, never realizing that it would end up being the only way she would be able to get breast milk.

I had an emergency C-Section and eneded up knocked off my but drug wise so she was unable to latch right away, which can later lead to latching issues. I don’t know if that’s why she never took to the breast right or not and in the end I don’t care. I just know we tried EVERYTHING to get her to do it. spent the first 2 weeks of her life trying and failing to get her on, even now if I put her on she’ll suckle for a few minutes and then just stop and cry miserably. We saw the lactation specialists at both the hospital and the Doctor’s office only for it to have no effect. Then she got sick and we spent a week at Sick Kids Hospital with her in an oxygen hood. There was no breast feeding with her in there. So, since she was 3 weeks old we’ve been on the bottle and to be honest after her illness I prefer it. I love being able to know exactly how much she’s had on any given day. I can see the ups and downs in volume and never have to guess if she’s a little dehydrated, I know.

When you breast feed or are pumping there are a couple guidelines, pretty easy but still important. Like never going longer then 6 hours between feedings or pumping and even that long of a break shouldn’t be more then once a day, usually at night. Since I pump I’ve played with the times that are easiest for me and I decided to pump 6x a day, so every 4 hours. I only ever go longer when I go out somewhere that I can’t pump. I take it with me when visiting. This is a big commitment, especially at night to get up but I’m used to it now. So, I pump and then have to wash out the parts and any used bottles and then sterilize the lot. I’ve gotten the whole process down to about 20-25 minutes including the washing depending on how accommodating the baby is.

I happen to be one of the lucky women who produces enough not only for her daily requirements but also to have enough to freeze almost a full days worth as well. It’s alot, and requires that I keep fully hydrated and fed. So when I say that last Thursday in the middle of my early evening pump at 5:30 the pump dying was for me devastating. I had literally pumped it to death. It hadn’t lasted a full 3 months. At first I was very upset and then remembered the level of frequency I had used it and that I had gotten it lightly used. So, I’ve darnned it with no anger now. Darning by the way in my family, is when you stand over the garbage and drop something into it put your hand over your mouth and in a mock sad voice say ‘Oh Darn!’. My family has done this as long as i can remember.

So, I darned the pump and had to throw on some clothing and run to get a new one by 9:30, sometimes my pumping schedual is really inconvient. I called my mother and off we went to Babie’s R Us. I love that store. It’s like a mother’s playland. we decided to get the Evenflo Simply Go Dual pump. I personally prefer to get it over with as quick as possible and do them at the  same time if possible. When I got home I cleaned the pump parts and sat on the couch to get started. I hated it. Hated the noise it made, the weight and the fact that it was so awkward I had to do it 1 at a time. I was so angry and frustrated. Pissed off doesn’t even begin to describe it. Now we’re 5 days in and I don’t mind it anymore. It took a bit but now I have figured out how to manage it so I’m back to doing both breasts at once and the noise, while still louder is very rhythmic and doesn’t phase the baby even helping her fall back asleep at night.

Take a wild guess what happened next.  This morning one of the pump stopped suctioning properly! Literally 4 1/2 days after I got it. I’m not a quiet person when angry, I vent, but with the baby next to me and the fact that it was only 5:30 am meant I had to just sit and stew. I went onto the Toys R Us website to check their return policy and it turns out pumps are not allowed to be returned due to hygenic reasons. Annoying but fair. So I found the Evenflo website and a number I could call. I just had to wait until the call centre was open. So where I am now still not thrilled that I’m stuck single pumping for the next little bit but very happy they are sending me a new motor free of charge and postage. I’m not going to disparage the company or pump yet. I’m right now working under the assumption that I got a faulty motor since one is still working perfectly. After I get the new one I’ll write how it goes. Hopefully the wait for the new motor won’t drive me batty until then!


One thought on “Breast Milk Frustrations

  1. I was recommended this website by way of my cousin. I am no longer sure whether or not this submit is written by him as no one else know such unique about my difficulty. You’re incredible! Thank you!

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