Baby Poops and Hysterics

I never imagined how obsessed with poop I would become and I have IBS. My issue has been under control for years and it’s not been a concern for me but then along came Maddie. At first it didn’t faze me, she was one of those newborns that pooped basically everytime she ate and then slowly she regulated to 3x a day.

How am I so sure it was 3x a day? Because after our week long visit to Sick Kids and the various issues we had to deal with there I ket track. Not only of her diaper numbers and stats but also of her mmilk intake and my pump numbers. I’ve been doing this since she was 3 weeks old and I can tell you it’s come in handy. At about 7 weeks the little miss got a stomach virus of some sort, we don’t know what exactly but we knew before it got bad and were able to help keep it as manageable as possible until things got complicated.

How did we know? We saw her poops went from mustard yellow to olive green with mucous. Now green isn’t out of the realm of normal but mucous definately is, and this was while it was in the early stages. Later on, as it got worse add the fact that it turned into green mucousy diarrhea, lots of it. So I dragged her off to the doctor and got the usual warnings to look out for in case it got worse and we booked an appointment for 2 days later. Literally the next day her poop had changed again… There was red blood in it.

Blood, you say? Yes, blood. I called our family health centre’s On-Call doctor and was told to take her to Sick Kids once again. She had a virus and had become somewhat dehydrated from the diarrhea poops. We got treated and were sent home tokeep watching her poops and the types they were. See? Keeping track really did help.

At our 2 month immunization appointment the doctor popped up their eyebrows and told me there wasn’t a need to keep track anymore, she was out of the largest danger zone. I choose to still keep doing it, for MY piece of mind and once again it’s helped. My poor baby, so many issues and still so young and tiny.

Around Easter weekend she went from 3x a day to only 1 every other. Now any of you parents out there know the articles all say that’s not uncommon so long as less frequent poops are normal for your baby. This wasn’t since it came out of no where essentially. So, I tried to make sure she stayed in the higher percentage of her daily milk intake to keep things moving easier.

Last weekend we went away for a night with fammily for a small ceremony and the effects of infrequent pooping was taking a noticeable toll. She started sleeping more fitfully and less soundly and any time she has had gas she’s starting crying and fussing. Not too hard go deal I thought until she hit her metaphorical wall while we were out. She was just beside herself in misery. She hysterically bawled for 2 hours non stop, chin wobble and all. I was nearly in tears by the time she stopped. I’m not used to her crying like that unless something in terribly wrong. Literally every other time she’s done that we’ve been in the hospital or ended up there within a day or so and she doesn’t go for as long a stretch. She also would do this every few hours or so.

Monday she did a huge poop and seemed to feel a lot better. Tuesday nothing and Wednesday was only an average sized poop from before when she went to much more frequently. No more poops, finally Friday evening after no poop since the tiny one Wednesday I went out and got all natural prune jucie and mixed a tsp of it with a tsp of water. Saturday we wtill only had wet diapers so I dressed her up and hauled her bacl off to the doctor’s. SO glad I did.

I know I shouldn’t laugh looking back on it but it’s pretty hilarious really. When we went into the doctors office and I said what was wrong she nodded her head and helped me get her undressed until she was only in her diaper. Then she did the usual check her little body over before undoing the diaper and looking at her tummy. It was distended and taut and she would fuss every time it was poked. Finally she said she completely agreed with me and that poor Maddie had some contitpation. She said the prune juice was good but wanted to check for a blockage. On went a glove with lube and in her pinky went to check.

What happened next would have been in slow motion with someone shouting ‘NOOO!’ in a comedy. The doctor said she couldn’t feel anything in the lowest part and pulled her finger out. BOOM! Her finger popped out and there was an explosion of poop. It went EVERYWHERE! Seriously, everywhere. The poor doctor, it was on the gloved hand, her ungloved hand, her sweater sleeves, her under top and even in her hair. That’s right, her hair. Then there was to poop on Maddie, the diaper, the counter, the floor and even the chair.  See? I told you it was everywhere.

The doctor did that horrified blink thing and then found a way to leave quickly. LoL, even now I’m giggling looking back. Maddie cried for a moment and then was grinning like the Joker. It was obviously a huge relief for her and her tummy. We were told it wouldn’t have cleared it all out and to keep up the prune juice until Maddie started going once every day.  It’s sunday evening and she had another massive expulsion this morning and I’ve got my finger crossed for another tomorrow. Since her poop on the doctor incident we’ve had no more crying jags other then her usual I’m hungry or tired shrieks… Thank goodness!

Sometimes, going with your instinct on something that really seems silly and a waste of time doing can be so v ery helpful. I coouold tell the doctor to the day when everything changed and all because I was and still will be for awhile yet obsessed with Maddie’s poop.


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