Apartment Has Been Taken Over By A Mini Dictator

So Thursday is my main cleaning day of the week. I still tidy during the rest of the week (how can you not with a munchkin around) but Thursdays I do a big all over clean. I dusted, vacuumed, mopped and various other bits of tidying.
Eww, ever noticed with bottles and pumping how much milk or formula ends up in the most unexpected places? I kept finding it all over… Our coffee and dining tables, the stove, on the laptop and throughout the apartment on the floor. Maddie likes to spit up or smack her bottle out of her mouth when she’s done and she has the best timing for awkward places. I’m actually surprised my cats aren’t covered in it sometimes.
So anyways, I’m cleaning to the radio and chatting to the baby who is watching me with fascination and gurgling at me in baby speak when I realise that our apartment has been taken over. This baby runs the house. Not just in the she’s so helpless and needs us to do everything for her still kind of way but also in the her stuff has taken over. It’s everywhere, even the bathroom and hallway. She even has various deviations of the same thing just to keep her entertained.
Baby chairs/bouncers? Yeah, we have 2 different ones not including her high chair. Floor mats? Two different ones of those as well. It’s a little crazy, but whatcha gonna do? Tell her ‘No you may not have your things and learn and grow with their aid’? Pfft. As if.
This beautiful little pipsqueak is my boss. What she wants right now she gets, even if it can take a few moments to figure out that that is. There’s no reasoning with a 3 month old. You can’t tell them it’s an inconvenient time to want to eat or sleep or poop. You just have to roll with it. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had yo put off something I needed/wanted to do because she’s in need of me. But hey, at least in the land of Maddie she doesn’t make me bow or kneel and I won’t lose my head if it isn’t done just right. Her little protectors can’t take me on and win… They’re too small and I feed them so they know not to mess with me. That’s a plus right?


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