Special Treatment

Yesterday I met up with my friend ‘S’ and along with Baby the three of us went to Queen West. Here, in Toronto, downtown Queen St West is one of those trendy urban shopping areas and also home to Much Music’s HQ. I hadn’t been since before the bed rest and ‘S’ never been.
We mostly just wondered around window shopping but each did pick up several things for ourselves. Since having Maddie it was the first time while out shopping for non food items I didn’t spend a cent on her.
Instead I managed to find two very cute summer.dresses that are breast feeding friendly and yet don’t give away the fact that I’ve recently had a baby or am pumping. This was not easy. I’ve been looking for dresses for weeks, any time I’ve been in a store with women’s clothes. I know it might not sound too difficult but I’m not exactly a small chested woman by any means. Even before getting pregnant I’d had a hard time finding dresses that were cute and yet still had enough fabric to let me wear an appropriate supportive bra. Really, I just got the same dress in different colours and also found a lovely blue top.
So, both of us splurged a little. Nothing crazy by any means and then we went for dinner at a local restaurant. As I said nothing crazy or fancy, but when you’re at home all day with a baby and then only see the Mister for a couple of hours in the evening an short afternoon out with a girlfriend can feel like a big deal.
Yet, today we did one better! Today we went to a water spa. ‘Water spa?’ you say. Yes, a water spa called Body Blitz. They do everything from massages to sea weed wraps to Mud baths. We didn’t do anything so fancy though. We just did the therapeutic waters and steam rooms. So very relaxing for both of us after a stressful last few months. When you go for the waters at Body Blitz you have access to an aroma therapy steam room, a dry sauna, a cold plunge pool, a green tea hot pool and a giant Dead Sea salt pool. You can switch between the five as many times as you want for up to 2.5 hours, beyond that it becomes a health risk due to over heating and dehydration. We stayed to the maxim and then took our time in the vanity area afterwards. It was an amazing way to spend a couple hours baby free.
It was very nice to get to go out for a bit and just be me, not mommy me. I get to so rarely be non mommy me, I didn’t stay out longer then it took for us to get dressed and head home.
For all that I had been able to give myself some special treats in the last 24 hours the best treat I got was coming through the door and seeing Maddie in her daddy’s arms and her eyes lighting up with a giant grin on her face because Mommy was home. There’s truly nothing better.


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