Dairy Queen is my ice cream mistress

So, I’ve out of town since Thursday visiting family, and once I’m home tomorrow I’ll write about that, but until then I figured as I’m sipping on my second Hot Fudge Milkshake of day I would make a confession. I love love love Dairy Queen but I almost never get to have it. The ones in my city are just no where practical for me to go with a little baby without a real reason. So I do without. Not this weekend!
I mentioned before that I’ve been gone since Thursday, we left just after noon and did a 3.5 hrs train ride north east to my Dads with my youngest brother tagging along. By the time we arrived and settled in I was too tired to venture out for some ice cream. But Friday? Oh baby was I ready. I had milkshake #1 Friday afternoon. Maddie came with me as well as a girlfriend, ‘D’.
The two of us have been DQ’ing together for years. We always got the same thing too. Cookie dough blizzards with extra cookie dough, and as we got older a bit of brownie added in as well. Yet Friday I convinced her to try the Milkshake. I discovered how tasty and satisfying they were while pregnant. They are great for chocolate lovers and a large has less calories than our blizzard choice, not that it’s the most calorie wise choice either. Though when I’m really craving something calories arwnt really a concern. So I talked ‘D’ into changing things up, she loved it too. Especially as she was driving and a milkshake needs only one hand as opposed to blizzards that need 2.
Saturday rolled around and I was packing more visiting into my stay and was out with the baby and the kids I was a Nanny for (I’m still very close with the family). We went for a walk and played in the play ground at one of the parks then we made our way to Dairy Queen. The kids had blizzards and I had Milkshake #2.
Today Maddie and I went out with my Dad and stepmom out to a neighbouring town and after going to Rona we did Dairy Queen. That was Milkshake #3. Then, about an hour before I started writing this my youngest brother and I walked over to Dairy Queen and I had Milkshake #4. Not the healthiest weekend snacking choices of course but I’ve been very good for the most part post pregnancy and especially while here. Fruit and yogurt for breakfast every morning and salad with all my other meals. So I really don’t mind that I’ve been eating Dairy Queen so much, especially when I know it could be literally months before I get it again. How can I not enjoy something that I always have and will love. As my title says… Dairy Queen is my ice cream mistress.


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