Long weekends

So as the Canadians reading this know the past 3 days have been a holiday long weekend nick named May 2-4. This has been the first long weekend since Maddie was born that she’s been able to really go out. Since the weather had been fantastic if a little warm we’ve taken advantage of this Aaron much as possible while not going too crazy.
Friday ‘C’ worked so it was just us girls. We went to the bank and then took a nice stroll along downtown Bloor St. We even did a little shopping and lunch before it got too warm and heading back home for cooler climates. We also got some treats for Maddie’s minions, the kitties. It was a nice laid back day for us.
I already mentioned how ‘C’ watched over Maddie Saturday afternoon for a few hours so I could have some down time which was lovely. It was a nice way to end the day after we’d gone out in the morning for a family walk. Our oldest cat, a rescue from a shelter has diabetes and needs an insulin shot 2x a day. We had to pick up a new box before they closed for the weekend. So, off our family went to the vets office 3 blocks away and then we continued down to Bloor and to the EB Games to pick up a game on sale. Then after the video game store we did a mini grocery shop for snacks and went to a little place.we found for brunch.
I can’t say Maddie is always in the mood to go out for food and we don’t believe in annoying other diners with a crying upset or bratty child but Saturday was a great time out. She was in a good mood and very inquisitive, looking about constantly while smiling flirtatiously with anyone who walked by. It’s not.a fancy place or anything but they’re brunch is amazing. ‘C’ had the lumberjack, which is a typical guy friendly large eggs with pig style plate and I had the strawberry cheese cake French toast. And yes, the French toast is as decadent as it sounds. Lovely official start to our weekend.
Sunday we just did a coffee breakfast in the sun light shining through the window and played with Maddie. We’ve been working on her tummy time which she’s developed an aversion to lately. Then for the afternoon us girls went out for a girls vegge fest at a friends for a bit so ‘C’ could enjoy his new game for a little bit guilt free. We were all tired from sun and heat so it was an early night for this little family.
Today we were up and about fairly early again with the intention of going to visit the Royal Ontario Museum. We live close enough we literally walked there before going in and having breakfast at McDonald’s. Not the greatest meal but since the baby was sleeping it could have been worse. We ended up not going into the ROM. We just wondered about the gift shop before going for another weekend walk around the neighbourhood.
I did pick up a pretty summer dress but for the most part our family didn’t spend a lot this weekend on entertainment. I don’t consider brunch in the cost because its something we’ve started doing regularly on weekends as a bonding thing. We also managed to get in lots of family time and even though Maddie is still just a baby we want to begin as we mean to go on. We even are teaching her about spending time with her minions and petting them, they adore her now.
I know for a lot of people in cities the first real long weekend of nice weather is used to escape city life but we love Toronto. We live here for a reason and try not to take the fact that we’re here for granted. Besides, depending on what west your whistle for things to do long weekends can mean shorter lines and waits!


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