I Could Use A Stiff Drink

Here it’s only 8am and yes my title is correct. I could use a stiff drink. Maybe not right now but definately sooner than later. Last night was quite upsetting for us.

We were sitting on the floor last night just after 5pm when Maddie started doing one of her new tricks and ached herself up and out of my arms with no warning. Normally I have no problem with this and everything is fine. Last night though, she escaped me. She wiggled out of my grip when it happened and took her first tumble to the floor. I tired to grab her in time but didn’t manage it and her arched flail turned into a loose limbed roll when she touched the floor. I’ll admit when I missed catching her in time I watch in horror as she finished rolling over and bonked her head lightly on the floor.

She started screaming immediately and I scooped her up craddling her while trying not to cry myself. ‘C’ was in the washroom cleaning the litter box when it happened and came rushing out. He told me later her thought we’d both fallen because I didn’t answer him right away when it happened. It only took a few moments to calm her down and as soon as she was calm she wanted food, which we’d been warming when the roll/fall happened. We both checked each of her limbs and her scalp as well as her eye dilation. Everything seemed fine so I let her have her bottle.

While Maddie was feeding we looked up online all the warning signs and checked on the NICU websites quiz if we should be doing more. Everything we checked said we did the proper things for a minor bump and to just keep watching her. She ate her whole bottle with no problems and burped fine as well. The only thing we could see was a little reddish spot on her head and that she seemed extra clingy, which I completely get. Falling is never fun for anyone, let alone a 4 month old.

Since she seemed to have no after effects of her bump all the websites said it was ok toput her down if she wanted to sleep, in fact it could be beneficial to her, just that we should monitor her. The sites said to let her sleep and then in 2 hrs gently wake and see how she reacts, if it seems normal then wait 4 hrs then do it again and repeat for 2 nights. I never had to wake her up, she kept doing it herself. So  we both had a fairly rest free night.

I didn’t feel comfortable giving her any medication unitl it had been at least 12 hrs after to make sure she was ok. So she had some baby Advil this morning for her head since she seems to have a bit of pain and other then that and the clinging all seems well, not even a bump on her head. I’m still going to watch her closely for the next day or so but since we have her 4 month check-up on Friday unless she starts showing signs of concern we’re going to wait and talk to the doctor then.

I know that babies fall and tilt over. It’s impossible to not have it happen, especially as they become more mobile, but I can’t help feeling so very guilty for not catching her in time. I know logically that she’ll probably do many more head bumps in the upcoming months and years but since this was the first time it was still a huge scare and seems like a much bigger issue then doctors make it out to be. I know they’re specially trained and that they aren’t belittling our concerns as parents they’re just trying to tell us how to keep watch and monitor for ourselves while reassuring us there’s very likely nothing more serious then a bit of a bruise if that.

So, yes, I feel like I could use a stiff drink. I don’t want to go on a bender of any sort but a nice relaxing drink on a patio or something would be lovely to help unwind after this latest mini scare. I think I feel like this more so today then after any of her other medical scares is because this has been her first time not being sick. All of Maddie’s other problems were illness related and this isn’t. Maybe this weekend I’ll get around to that drink. Maybe not. I know I don’t need one but it would still be a nice teeny bit of stress relief, since if I’m able to have a drink it means Daddy is on call with the baby.


4 thoughts on “I Could Use A Stiff Drink

  1. I have to say I have quite severe issues with this post. I think it is quite distasteful that you have posted photos of your sick daughter and then wrote about you carelessly dropping her. You do realize these are symptoms of Munchausen? Where mother’s make their children sick in order to get attention themselves. You brought your daughter into this world to provide her with a loving environment, and instead you parade her illnesses and injuries for the prying world to see. “Look at my daughter, she is so tiny and sick and injured, feel sorry for me.” Any mother would know that an infants head is still not fully formed and any injury to it is dangerous. Maybe instead of taking some “internet quiz” you should have been responsible and taken her into the hospital immediately. Not wait a few days for a doctor’s appointment. Secondly, you do know alcohol does appear in breast milk? So not only are negligent in your daughter’s care, but you wish to subject her to alcohol because you cannot handle the stress or guilt you feel for being careless. Disgusting.

    • Silly under informed internet troll. It is not dropping a baby when they are learning to sit up on their own and flop out of your grasp. Of course their heads aren’t fully hardened, they’re babies. That takes up to their 3rd year, but falls are common. Go into any online parenting forum and you’ll find lots of people writing about it and their fears. Also I truly appreciate a total stangers diagnosis when they have never met my child/family/me. Somehow considering all the concern and scares we had with our pregnancy and then so quickly after the birth if I had been purposefully making my child sick one of the MANY professionals helping us would surely have noticed, or are you a better doctor online then a professional in person? Excuse me if I find you full of crap. Also, pardon the high school expression, but f*ucking duh alcohol would show up in breast milk. Obviously you didn’t notice the post on my breast milk issues and how I produce enough that even if I had more then one drink right after pumping and 4 hours before doing it again. Also if YOU had done your reseach as a ‘parant’ you would know it takes 1.5 hours for the alcohol to be completely absent from your body while breast feeding. Somehow I rather doubt IF I had chosen to have a drink it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. I could literally go 2 months of feeding her breast milk if for some reason I suddenly was no longeer able to produce as of this moment. Check yourself and your information before jumping on some one whom you don’t knows back and beating them about the head with your ignorant nonsense.

  2. It’s always scary when something like this happens, but I think just about every Mom has experienced it. Luckily, babies are pretty resilient. 🙂

    • Yes very true, and funny enough 2 days later she cried harder when the doctors gave her her immunizations. Now I just keep her fully locked and loaded in my arms when we sit. We have 4 layers of padding under and around by at least a foot on any side.

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