Crude Humour

I like crude humour. Yes indeed I do. I can’t say why for certain but I do. It makes me laugh and giggle and sometimes choke on whatever I happen to have in my mouth… Hopefully something edible. Maybe it’s from the fact that I grew up in a house with my Dad and 2 brothers or that I was a tomboy with lots of guy friends or maybe it’s just because I was ‘Born This Way’ (points if you know where that’s from). Anyways, crude humour is one of my favourite guaranteed laugh points, along with off kilter and dry humour.
Very little about this predominantly male oriented genre bothers me. I know, I know..  It can be very sexist at times but I’m secure enough in my self worth to know if a man treated me so shabbily I would end up the abuser not the abused. I find the women tend to fall very predictably into the classical archetypes while the men are given a much broader scope, but as I said I ignore it and just enjoy.
I know most of you are probably nodding and pretending to believe me all while really not. So I can offer up a bit of proof.
Porky’s is one of my favourite high school set comedies. Its old by most movie standards but still quite raunchy. Really. I still crack up at the scene in the principals office scene after the penis grab. Its too much. Or the prostitute prank and ‘Lassie’s’ big howl. It’s just a silly dirty comedy with lots of laughs.
There’s nudity too. Does it bother me? Meh, not so much. As long as my crude laughs don’t become a grimace of distaste at the sudden switch of theme to porn nudity is ok by me. I mean, sometimes I’m jealous of all those slim women with perky perfect breasts, especially post baby, but then I remember my parents and kids won’t ever see my naked business up on some screen.
Where’s this going you’re asking yourself. Well, tonight after Maddie was asleep we decided to watch ‘The Change Up’ with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. It’s just the sort of raunchy comedy I like. It won’t ever win any awards and probably won’t ever become a better know piece of work from either man, but it was definitely enjoyable and funny. I don’t believe in giving away endings or kept plot lines but it was a great way to kill 2 hrs before bed with ‘C’. Gonna have to find a new crude comedy to check out soon since aside from stand up it provides the most laughs in a smaller time frame.


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