Internet Trolls

Don’t you love internet trolls? You know the ones I mean, who scan a post or forum and try to say the most offensive and hurtful things they can think of without paying the slightest bit of attention to your back story or comments? I see them all the time on other sites and low and behold I got my first one on here today.
All comments on my blog have to be approved by me before they are seen by others. I approved this one just so people could see their online bullying and my response. I don’t really care what they think in the end of it all because my family and our care givers are all fully aware of what happens in our household.
If you want to read it check out the comments on my post ‘I could use a stiff drink’.
What do you think? Was I too harsh? Am I really endangering my child? Does it seem like I’m doing it all on purpose?
And if dear Troll you decide to write again take heed. I fully intend on responding in a similar manner to the tone of voice I read in all future comments. I’ll also always approve them and put them on display along with my reply.
Have a good day and bugger off Troll. Everyone else, I hope you have a lovely weekend with your friends and families.


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