Four Month Immunization

So, yesterday was our four month check-up and for Maddie her immunization shots. Out appointment was for mod afternoon so we visited my best friend and god-daughter for the morning first. Was just a relaxing time watching her 14 month old be mesmerized by the baby. She kept wanting to pet her and help bury her. Very cute.
At the doctors office we did a run down of all that had gone on since our last visit a month ago. Including asking them to double check her head after her Maddie bumped it Wednesday while practicing sitting up. If you’ve read my previous post you know I had a troller, contrary to their ignorant beliefs the doctor said she was fine and that it was not a concern since it was such a short distance (less then 6 inches). They said anything higher then her height or if the baby has any of the warning signs is when to bring them to be checked immediately, otherwise they cannot do anything more than what Mom and Dad can at home. After that we did the strip down and weigh in and then her measurements. She’s still on the petite side but since her doctors have adjusted her due date making her almost 4 weeks early she’s almost right on track. They were also very impressed with how well Maddie is doing with all her infant milestones so far, saying she’s a bit ahead in some areas.
My family practice is very pro breast feeding and when we had all our problematic early on with matching and then the illness they fully did not expect her to still be exclusively on breast milk. When they found out she was they were very impressed and stressed not supplementing with anything if possible until 6 months. We were told to for now ignore the well meaning advice of doing so for longer night sleeps and weight gain.
Weight: 12 lbs 7 oz
Height: 59 cm
After all of that came needle time. Our practice does both needles at the same time. Last shots Maddie was lying on the table, this time they had me hold her. Another doctor came in and each had a needle in one hand held onto one of her little legs with the other. It was quick. She shrieked bloody murder at me and them. I’m so glad that by doing them together I didn’t have to calm her down after one to have them repeat with the second one when she would still be upset and tense. She ended up crying more yesterday for her needles then when she booked her head.
While we waited the 15 minutes afterwards to see about any allergic reactions the doctor and I discussed some issues with the C-section and some concerns about nerve damage, but until 12 months later we agreed not to worry over much. After all, they say it take 12-18 months to truly recover from pregnancy and birth.
We came straight home once we were dismissed and Maddie was great for the first few hours and then got the fever and fussy reaction some babies have. Nothing serious but enough she’s been riding the line of miserable and tolerable. We’ve been doing infant Tylenol only as she needs it.
Hopefully in the morning she’ll be fully recovered and ready for family brunch before her Daddy starts mid nights Sunday. I have to say even though she won’t remember anus of this when she’s older I was so proud of how she handled it at the doctors office. Yes, she cried and screamed a bit but within 10 minutes she was not only over the tears but smiling at both doctors and gurgling at them. Apparently she’s not one to hold grudges.
One last thing that I learned yesterday but hasn’t really got anything to do with my family so far. Did anyone know that doctors discovered a baby had a tumor in one eye when the babies picture appeared in the newspaper and one eye didn’t javelin that red reflection. Medical professionals have discovered that if one eye has a reflection and thwarting other meant at the same angle its a tumor. Who knew pictures could literally save your eyesight or life.


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