Introducing The Minions

In a couple of posts now I’ve mentioned Maddie’s minions, our cats. Yes, Cats as in plural, we have 3. Yes, 3. Beleive me it wasn’t the plan and sometimes we still shake or scratch our heads wonderingly at how it came to be. We don’t regret it but it definitely has been a hassle at times. Since they’ll continue to have a presence in our life and my blog it’s time to introduce the minions.

Bright-Eyes: She was our first and is the oldest of the bunch. Her nick name is Boss Bitch. When ‘C’ and I moved in together we knew we wanted a cat. We also knew we wanted to adopt one. We found Bright-Eyes at the shelter. We both wondered around on our own and if we found a cat we liked we agreed to get the other. ‘C’ found her, they fell in love with each other immediately. When we got her she was 8 years old and had been at the shelter for a year. A year. Do you know what happened in that year? They let her literally DOUBLE her weight. Her records show she was admitted at 11 lbs and we took her home at 22.

We spent almost 2 years slowly and safely lowering her weight and it wasn’t enough. She started getting sick and in a month went from 17.5 lbs down to 11.4. I’m sure if we hadn’t gotten her to the vets when we did and they weren’t so quick in diagnosing her she would have died. Our Bright-Eyes had developed diabetes from the extreme weight she’d been carrying around. It’s been almost 3 yrs since then and she’s a lot better. She’d been so sick there was muscle damage in her hind legs, it’s now gone. We still give her  2 insulin needles a day and so far will have to do so until she passes, although her need for it keeps dropping and the amount keeps getting lower. Fingers crossed.

Her nick name says it all. She’s the biggest of the three and oldest and since she was first we make it plain she’s higher up in out family ‘pack’. It makes it easier for all of us, especially her since she was declawed by her original owner and the others aren’t.

Pixie-Poo: She was the second. Yes, by the way that is her real name, her nick name being Pixie-Poo Princess. A year or so after we had adopted Bright-Eyes one of our neightbours told us during the day they could hear her howling for most of the time she was alone. They thought she might be lonely. We’d originally been told she couldn’t have other pets due to her aggresiveness but came to learn the shelter had put a strange cat in a cage with her, of course she freaked out. I would. Anyways, we decided to find a little friend for her.

We got Pixie too early, she was only 5 weeks, but it was a now or never situation as the owner of her mother had told us if we didn’t take her home she and any other kittens would end up ina box outside at the end of the weekend. Awful right. So we took both Pixie and her sister whom my best friend ended up taking. Honestly, it took about 2 weeks of careful watching between their interactions before Pixie wasn’t being hissed at or swatted, but after that they started cuddling and still do.

Pixie is the quietest and the shy one. She’s our princess kitty for sure. She also happens to be the middle in terms of size.

Soda-Pop: I know, I know, we have a thing for hyphenated names. She’s the youngest and the smallest.  We ended up with her by pure fluke. Poor evil little bigger. She was a kitten on the road I saw on my way home from visiting friends. I know she wasn’t owned as she was tiny and covered in street muck. She’s the puppy dog of the bunch. Always on the go and fiesty. Drives us crazy at times, but we still love her.

I imagine some people are wondering how we manage with them, but really they are now a set. Bonded. On any given day you’ll find a mix and match of the three ciddled up together or even all three of them on the bed together. they like to be near us, the baby and each other. When we take one to the vet the others cry for them. When we bring them home they welcome the other back. It’s funny and sweet.

Why do I call them the minions? ever since they’ve become used to the baby they adore her. They like being near her and become upset when she cries. Not the usual ‘Oh shut that annoying hairless thing up’ upset, but they actually come up for whomever is holding the baby and meow at us in an accusatory fashion. They’re pissed we upset her and thus upset them. They also like to lie near her at night, always sleeping where they can see her or as close to her bed as possible without being in it, they know better. They even come and play with her when she’s on her floor mats.

We never intended to end up with 3 cats but now we wouldn’t change it for anything. They make our apartment a home and give the baby someone other then me to gurgle at during the day. It’s company and comfort for us all.


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