Mall Shooting

I know I’ve been fairly quiet this past week and I really don’t any huge reason for it other just enjoying some family time. So, I figured I should definitely update everyone about what happened Saturday evening. In Canada the main book store chain is called Chapters and they have some smaller stores by other names under their umbrella. Every now and then Chapters has a buy 3 get one for free sale on all their books and magazines. My mom and I decided to go browse books and bring the baby along. We headed to Toronto’s Eaton centre and the book store there.

We spent a happy two hours or so picking out books and a couple things for Maddie and then checked out. It was mid afternoon by then and neither of us had eaten since breakfast. We decided to go to a restaurant in the mall called Baton Rouge. We had coffee and lunch and a delicious chocolate torte with lime mousse for dessert.

Now, growing up I used to live only about a 10 minutes walk from the Eaton centre and could spend the better part of the day wondering around shopping. I probably would have done so last evening with my mom as we’re notorious for doing so except for one thing: I had to pump. I have a manual pump but if I’m able I always prefer to use the electronic one. This being the case we agreed it was simplest to just both head home. We did a quick detour about the mall and hopped on the subway home.

It wasn’t until after dinner and about 5 or so hrs since I had been home that ‘C’s mother called us asking of we had Der the news, which we hadn’t. Not too long after mom and I headed home there was a fatal shooting at the mall in the end we had been puttering through. 8 people injured; 1 fatal, 2 critically (one of whom was only 13), 3 seriously. One woman was pregnant and in the rush gore people trying to escape she was trampled which put her into labour.

I can’t imagine how scary it was for the people there or who did get injured but I can honestly say I have NEVER been so glad to have to have cut short an outing to pump. Especially since if we had stayed the baby would have been with us. I just hope that the proper authorities apprehend the one(s) responsible and justice is served as I also hope those who were there will be able to eventually move on and that it doesn’t have too lasting an effect on them. I also hope that all those injured recover fully.

In Canada we see violence but very rarely to this extent. Mall shootings of this magnitude just don’t happen usually. We are more likely to have a couple drunks or want to be gang bangers fire off a few rounds but not in such a public venue and such a busy time. Absolutely abhorrent.


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