Buyers Remorse?

Yesterday I cut my hair. I don’t mean a little trim either, I’m talking like 8 inches of hair GONE. On floor, I can’t put it back. 8 INCHES. Do you think it’s possible to have buyers remorse for a hair cut? And if it is is it also possible to still be trilled that it’s gone at the same time?

I have had long hair for about 10 years. When I was 14-15 I was sick, so sick I missed a year and a half of school, and while sick it was easier to have short hair. As in my hair was Justin Beiber short while I was ill. Once I was recovering I started to grow it out and since I have been able to I have had very long hair. I hasn’t been shorter then 2 inches below my shoulders in 5 years and since then it’s always been closer to waist length. I’ve still managed over the years to shear off the better part of 3-4 feet of hair though since mine grows very fast.

Having a baby is not the reason I cut it. I don’t think a baby means you need to have shorn locks, I remember my mom had waist length hair until I was almost 10 and that was with 3 babies/toddlers pulling and yanking it. She held out that long. I cut it because I wanted a change that I was fully in control of for myself and body. I know that sounds weird but after spending the last year with fluctuating weight and lots of unplanned hospital visits for complications, it was nice to make a choice as large as this on my own with no outside stressors. Yes, that’s sort of silly but I’m a new mom, I don’t have to be rational all the time. I’m sleep deprieved.

So I went over to a girl friends house. She’s on materinty leave as well as her daughter just turned 5 weeks. Before MAT leave she worked in a salon. We talked back and forth about what I want and if I was sure. Most stylists I have gone to always double and even triple check I’m willing and ready to take off so much. I was more then ready. So we did it, 5 inches right off the bottom and then did the rest in styling.

I love it, don’t get me wrong, it’s so much lighter and now all the old dye is gone, but I’m also very upset. It’s a lot of suddenly have gone. I find for me it doesn’t really sink in until the first hair wash post cut. It’s when I go to wring it out and muscle memory cause me to expect much more hair then there is and it stops short. Mildly devastating. So yes, I feel like I have a little case of buyers remorse while at the same time being trilled to have gotten rid of so much extra weight.

Here’s the new length


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