Dinner With the In-Laws

Yesterday we did dinner with ‘C’s parents. They live in the outer rim of the GTA and to save them time and gas since we dont drive we took the Go Trains to Clarkson station and got a ride from there. We both feel that it’s needy and rude to always ask someone for rides when we’ve made the choice to so far not drive (although with costs being what they are in the GTA it’s economical to avoid a car if possible). Last Thursday was the first time I had taken the Little Miss on the Go Trains and my first ride in almost 4 years. Lovely. So much faster then the TTC and more comfortable. Costs aren’t that bad either.

So anyways, we headed to the west end and arrived for 3:15 with Little Miss napping in her car seat, which we brought for the trip home. Most of the trip up she was attched to Mommy at the chest via those AMAZING Beco Baby Carrier. She passed out on me and we switched her over for the 5 minutes trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Very easy and much less time consuming then rush hour traffic.

Now because Little Miss had those health scares early on she’s only really started meeting and greeting with any level of regularity in the last 6 weeks. So, of course she can be quite hesitant about people at times. I felt pretty bad for both of them. It had been a few weeks since we saw them last and since then it was as if Little Miss’ memory had done a slate whipe. She started off the afternoon crying every time they smiled or got too close. Not little cries but the big hiccuping cries with the giant tears. I love her dearly and nothing can ever lessen her absolute gorgeousness to me but she is not the most gracious of criers. She goes red, cherry red.

They took it well, though I could tell they were disappointed that unlike last time she wasn;t in the mood to be held by anyone but Mommy or Daddy, and we tried everything. Sneak attacks and slow cautious approaches. None of it worked, although we did get to the point where she would let them come up to her and hold her hand and smile and chat, but never more then that. Even a nap or three didn’t improve her inclinations any. She’s just like me, stubborn to a fault.

Other then Little Miss showcasing her stubborn traits things were lovely. It was a gorgeous warm day with the sun shining and good company. We had a barbeque with blue cheese burgers and chicken skewers. Nothing fancy but since we’re apartment bound with no grill it was exciting for me. We even had these caramel crunch desserts from Dufflets after with french vanilla coffee afterwards (I’m addicted to caffeine and sweets).

I got to talk with adults about adult things guilt free and since we have breast milk frozen at their house I got to enjoy a glass or two of wine while I did. We talked about plans for the summer, their upcoming vacation and another family members upcoming baby shower. We didn’t stay late or go crazy, we were home for 9:30 and in bed by 10, but it was truly a nice time with people we both enjoy and some special family time for Little Miss to get more used to one set of her grandparents.



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