Disney Babies

When my brothers and I were infants my Mom and Dad just to make a 4.5 hour drive to visit my Grampa at least one weekend a month. I can only imagine who soul drainingly awful that would have been with a crying, grumpy, screaming child let alone 3 of us, especially since we were never in agreement while waking on being quiet together. We were also notorious for picking on one another or tag teaming one whether or not our parents were witness.

They found their magic ‘Easy’ button in a cassett, Disney Babies Lullaby. It worked like a charm with all three of us. In fact it work for the whole family my Dad told me. It was so effective that he refused to put it on for us in the car unless he felt, as the driver, he was going to go crazy if we kept annoying him in whichever manner we’d decided on that day. He did that he told me because even when he was driving if the cassett  was on he’d start to feel tired and his eyes would get heavy.

My parents used the tape like a reverse bribe; the worse we were the quicker it was whipped out. I don’t remember when they stopped using it but at some point they did. Then, when I was 14 I got sick, so sick I lost 1.5 years of school before I was better. With everything happening I hit a point where I wasn’t sleeping well and up at all hours. I looked like a ghoul with my dark sunken eyes, not pretty. Try as I might I just wasn’t sleeping, then one day while digging around in a box I found that tape. Desperate for some Zzz’s I figured ‘Why not?’ and tried listening to it. Worked like a charm!

For the first time in months I was sleeping for longer then an hour here and there. I started to have more regular waking hours again and feeling more rested. Unfortunately, I ended up wearing out the tape, but to be fair it was almost 13 years old, it earned it’s ‘Oh Darn’ing. Since it was dying my mom and I went out to the Disney Store here in Toronto at the Eaton Centre and as luck had i they had a CD version the first try finding a replacement. Yep, I got Disney Babies Lullaby on CD and used that when I couldn’t sleep, and yes, I was a teenager. I have no shame or embarassment about this since 1. I was sick and 2. At that stage whatever works the doctors encouraged.

Where is this leading? My daughter is going on 5 months soon but she still has a bit of the Moro Reflex present due to her being almost a month early. It isn’t often, only when she’s trying to sleep and just nods off. It’s enough to wake her and upset her after awhile because she’s exhausted and trying in vain to go to bed. Well, now that I have a baby daughter who sometimes has a hard time falling asleep I dug out that old CD and ripped it onto our lap top before copying it onto my Ipod. Now, when she is trying her hardest to nod off but having problems I’ll turn the play list on her her. Believe it or not it works for her too.

I still like this CD, it works for me too still since she’s sleeping in our room still and sometimes I go to bed when she does. I hear it and out I go. There are 20 songs by various artists, some show up in Disney movies, others I can’t remember hearing anywhere else. Of course people have favourite lullabies and mine would have to be a tie between ‘Dreams Are The Flowers’ by Jackie Cusic and ‘Golden Slumber’ by Billy Gaines.

I know not everyone would like the CD or even find it helpful but since it so obviously works for my family I highly recommend it to people looking for a lullaby album. 5 out of 5 Stars in  my opinion.


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