Mom Pledge

I like the idea of the Mom Pledge, I really do. Sadly, I don’t always think it works. Its really easy to post online that ‘I’ve taken the pledge, will you?’ gleefully letting the world know that as a fellow mommy blogger you promise not to bully or belittle other moms for their parenting choices and techniques. I know several moms who’ve done this and then when they see something they dislike or a post by someone they have an issue with instead of stepping up and following the pledge they’ve make they rant about the post or postee on another platform or anonymously post viscous comments. As if by posting without any identifiers makes it ok to break the pledge they only a few months ago so proudly touting to take so seriously.

So in living up to this I’m making a pledge of my own to try to follow the Mom Pledge as much as possible BUT if I truly feel like making a snarky or mean comment to at least have to nerve to do so without an anonymous cover. I pledge to try to be supportive and uncritical of other moms and their experiences but when I truly disagree to let them know in as non confrontational a way as possible while still being positive. But I acknowledge that if I am unable to do so that I will at least be woman enough to own up to my pettishness by not hiding my name so people can fairly respond back.


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