My Cousin Vinny

Until tonight I had never seen My Cousin Vinny. Now that I have I don’t know why it’s taken me so long. I really enjoyed it. For those who are unaware; I don’t write reviews I’m not a critic, I write my opinion on movies and how it made me feel. So saying here’s what I thought in sequence with the movie.

Holy cow! It’s Johnny from The Outsiders! I love that movie, but the book is still better. Well, the movie is already better then I thought it would be just for that. LoL, at the back and forth talk on what the boys think Southerners are like vs. what I know they are like(family).

Silly boys, why are you admitting to anything without hearing what you’re being charged with? Sorry, lawyers kid, drives ‘C’ crazy when in the middle of a show or movie I start yammering legal mumbo jumbo at him about the legalities or what I would demand as my rights in a situation.  I swear I wasn’t drunk or high or anything crazy while watching this. This is my natural thought proccess, I jump all over the place, I’m a scatterbrain.

Boy, are they lucky to only have to share a cell with each other. That would suck otherwise. Look! It’s Harry (Joe Pesci) from Home Alone and the Snickers commercials, sweet. Anyways, I kept up a running commentary in my head and did actually start in on a couple ‘If I was Vinny, I would object… Leading the witness.’ and a few other smatterings of chatter throughout the movie. I can’t help it.

It wasn’t a fast paced movie but busy enough to keep the both of us thoroughly interested and attuned. The final court room scene was fantastic. Not because it was edge of your seat suspenseful but because it was for me so nice to see a woman show that she’s more then just a pretty face and body in a pretty dress. The fact that Ms Vito so well proves Vinny’s case and clears the boys is great. It was also nice to see even in a movie a couple who though while fighting can still be there for each other and help one another out of a problem. I understand why the actress won an Oscar for her role.

Of course as it’s a comedy there’s a happy ending and Vinny wins his case. I like happy endings. Life so rarely ends well for almost everyone in a story that for me I enjoy films where it does happen. It helps keep me a consumate optimist to see happy endings and I like that. Both of us enjoyed the movie and we’re considering whether or not to pick it up for our collection.



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