Favourite Mommy Moments So Far

I know these will change as the Little Miss grows and masters new skills but I do have a list of some of my favourite Mommy moments so far. They aren’t just one time memories but the things I get to see or hear or experience that make my heart swell with pride, love and joy.

1. Her Laughter. This is a newer one and she’s still working on it. There are two very different types of laughs so far. The I’m So Happy It Just Falls Out Of Me Kind; which is when she’s just so excited or happy and it takes her by surprise, it’s more giggly. You can see the shock on her face when this one happens and can tell it was totally unexpected. The other is her I’m Doing Something I’m Really Having Fun With laugh. This one is more belly style laughing and usually happens when Little Miss is playing with toys or hopping about in her Jolly Jumper.

2. Watching Little Miss and ‘C’ sleeping together. This one is a double whammy for me; the two people I love most cuddling together so contentedly. Here, is one of the ones where my heart swells with love and happiness. Even in sleep ‘C’ holds her like she’s the most precious jewel in the world and she clutches his shirt (or chest hair if he’s not wearing one) and nestles her head close to his heart. They always both look so peaceful. I take both normal pictures and mental of this to keep dear.

3. When Little Miss and I are cuddling together and she wants to hold my finger. She always does this sleepily with her eyes almost fully closed and gropes around for it. Sometimes she tries to bury her head in my chest (it’s big enough I have this irrational fear she’ll smother herself) but for the most part she just likes to clutch my finger close like she does with her monkey blanket in her crib. She’s such a Linus.

4. Bath time. When she was really little she would just sit in her tub and let me wash her. We have one of those Spa Baby Eco Tubs and she loves that it keeps her submerged and warm. She already takes after me and cannot stand being cold. Now that she’s a bit older though her is discovering the fun in splashing her arms about. the look of wonder as water spashes up at her is great. And who doesn’t love babies in tubs covered in bubbles?

5. When one of the Minions kisses her and she smiles. Again this is new, but all of the kitties like her and will lie next to her when she’s on our bed but only in the last month or so have they started seeking Little Miss out to lick her on the top of her head. She does the little owl eyes, I imagine because it’s the whole tiny sandpaper tongue thing that causes this, but still so very sweet on both sides.

I can’t wait to see and know her as she grows up but there’s this part of me that will always love these memories of her so young and wish that Little Miss didn’t have to grow up.


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