Things I Hope For My Future As A Mom

I know as parents we can’t help but speculate on how our children will turn out; will Timmy be a doctor or lawyer and will Ruthie be a dancer or astronaut?I hope they don’t get pregnant or knock someone up as a teen (Sorry Teen Mom made me pranoid as well as watching my best friend) or that they don’t end up in prison. We all just want our kids to succeed and do well as be happy. THis post isn’t about that, this post is about things I hope for my future as a mom in regards to my relationship with my child(ren).

I have a great relationship with my parents. They broke up as I was turning 10 and moved almost 5 hours apart. I still saw whichever parent I didn’t live with every other weekend. They both were incredibly dedicated to making sure we saw as much as possible of the other as they could manage. I literally spent hundreds of hours commuting between Toronto and my Dad’s hometown.

Of course I went through a teen angst phase, but I always stayed close to them both. I still call them ‘Daddy and Mama’ Not always to other but whenever I’m taling with either they get ‘Daddy’ or ‘Mama’ depending. I also still go on dad and daughter dates where we just hang out together, sometimes just us and sometimes with my step-mom or family; the same goes for my mom. I still call them as two of the first people I tell any big news to, maybe not always the very first but within the top 3. I still say ‘I love you’ at the end of every call and hug and kiss them good-bye. I don’t care if any of you think it’s weird, it’s normal and healthy. I’m a fully functioning member of society with no addictions other then coffee and chocolate; have no record and both of my brothers are the same. They also hug and kiss and say ‘I love you’.



When Little Miss grows up I hope she’s happy doing whatever it is she decides to do with her life. I hope she excells at everything she puts her mind to and maybe a bit of the quirckiness that runs in my side will have a definite presence. I hope that even though I know she’ll most likely get her heart broken at some point she doesn’t let it turn her into a cynic. I hope she feels like no matter what her problems or issues are that her father and I will always be there to lend a hand or a sympathetic ear. I also want her to be happy, healthy and whole. I hope that the person whom she decides is her One loves her to the best of their ability and she in return does the same for them, and that their loves are full of laughter and joy. I hope that whatever goals she sets for her life come to fruition with enough roadblocks to build character but not so many as to make her a pessimist and unable to realize her goals are met. I hope she always believes in and follows her dreams

I hope she’s kind to others both less and more fortunate than herself. That she she doesn’t let jealousy eat at her or vanity overtake her. I hope she has a gentle and nurturing soul and is always willing to stop for a moment and lend a hand. I hope she can see the wonder and magic in life, even the ordinary days. I hope her sense of humour is fully in evidence and she can laugh at herself and others without malice or derision, I actually hope it’s as off kilter, dry and sometimes as dirty as mine, but I’ll be happy as long as she has one. I hope she smiles easily and often and that she isn’t afarid to laugh. I also hope that since anger is unavoidable in life she doesn’t let it overcome everything else or eat away at her contentment. I hope she isn’t vindictive (I can be) and always tries to see the positive in others and situations.

I know I’m hoping for alot but as I said before as a Mom I can’t help it. I just know that if even half of any of this comes true I’ll be pleased as punch and consider my job as a mother well done. I can’t keep her in a box wrapped in cotton wool but I do hope to proctect her from that harshest parts of life for as long as possible. Maybe it’s silly to want all of this but as I said for her I want her to have dreams and hope why can’t I?


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