The Alphabet For Moms

The Alphabet For Adults

A – For the Alcohol I so greatly miss

B – The baths I no longer take and the Boobs that are no longer just for fun

C – The Cash not found in my pocket and the Coffee that is my lifes blood

D – For Daddy, the man we both adore

E – Is for early morning wake ups

F – Fuck, that word I’m trying to stop saying

G – Is for GROSS! you barfed on me again

H – Is for headache, not just an excuse to go to bed anymore

I – Internet, that thing I obsessively troll when looking for a baby answer

J – Just Go The Fuck To Sleep is no longer just a book, but my mental mantra at times

K – Kitties, who as soon as I get a moment of peace demand all my time

L – Is for love and how much I have of it for you

M – is for Me, Mommy, that woman who slaves for you

N – Nights, those things I don’t sleep through

O – Orgasm, what’s that, you don’t need to know and I can’t remember

P – Pee, your favourite diaper filler

Q – Is for quiet, what the house never seems to be anymore

R – Regrets, of which there are none

S – Sex and Sleep, neither of which happen much around here

T – Is for tired, what we both are after a long day of crying

U – Unkempt, how my hair usually look these days

V – Is for  vaccuum, something I try to keep up with

W – Water and your need to spread it all over the bathroom

X – Is for Xylophone that loud and annoying toy I know I’ll still buy you.

Y – Years of joy I know you’ll bring us

Z – Is for the Zoo, the place I know I’ll like you belong one day

*This is not serious, just something I thought up while bored waiting to pump after Little Miss fell asleep and while giving the TV a rest.


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