Heat Is Not My Friend (Anymore)

I used to love the summer heat. I would glory in it every year. I was that crazy person who walked around in 30+ degrees happily saying ‘Isn’t it lovely’ without any sarcasm. Now, not so much. It all started last summer while pregnant. My morning sickness was unrelenting. I was on the doctor prescribed pills and still alternating it with gravol just to mostly get through the work week. Not fun. It was so bad I would stumble out to the living room 90% of the time in the middle of the night, naked, and just stand spread eagle in front of the A/C. Yeah, not as sexy as it sounds by any means. ALLL SUMMER and then autumn came along.

NO relief, none. I was still too hot. Then winter reared it’s head. Now, I USED to be that person in winter wearing about 400 layers and still muttering hatefully about the disgusting cold. Oh, it’s below 0? That sould be a snow day. This past winter was heaven for me most days. I got too hot and I’d open a window. Remember I was on house rest for the whole 3rd trimester so I wasn’t allowed out by myself, windows were it until ‘C’ came home.  At night I would sometimes get so warm still I had the fan directly on me, the window open and no blanket while ‘C’ shivered behind the Belly using it as a shield. I got hot this pregnancy. Like sticky frizzy sweaty hot. Yeah, just try and unthink that.

Now, we’re nearing 5 months since birth and I’m so over this overheating thing. It’s still happening. I hate it and so does Little Miss. Her Daddy has always been a heating pad and it seems like she is too. Here in Toronto today was day 3 of a heat wave, the second day we’ve broken records for heat. The old me thinks ‘YAY!’ the new me gags in horror. I just spent 2 hours trying everything under the sun to gett Little Miss sleeping comfortably and as I type she’s her in the living room next to me on a mini sleep station I made tonight. I think it’s a camp in the living room ort of evening for us folks.


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