On The Train

As I write this from my super phone I am on the train making the 4 hour trip to visit family… With a baby. Yep, we’re making a long trip in todays world of child hating travellers. Suck it up.

So far things have been pretty good. So far. Little Miss is tired and grumpy from this weeks heat wave on top having decided to forgo her usual long nap. A tired baby means more fussiness all of us parents dread whenever we’ve things to do or places to go. Besides the mini 5 minute freak out before her current nap she’s mostly been eye flirting with the various riders within her line of sight. Or spitting up on mama. Both are keeping her thoroughly entertained thus far.

I know that the odds of never having that screaming hysterical whirling dervish take over my daughter during travel are incredibily small, I just hope when it happens that its at the end of the trip or when it seems like every second passenger has a child with them. No one sympathizes like another parent. We’ll see how things are after we’re off the train in just over 2 hours.

Wish us luck since we still have the return trip to get through as well.


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