Family Nicknames

I don’t know about all families but in my family all the kids grew up with pet names from our parents. I’m sure some have a story behind them while others just seem to come out of no where. Maybe we’re so big on nicknames because both of my parents go by shortened versions of their full names and have their entire lives. Who knows, I just know that I have already started to follow the tradition and Little Miss isn’t 6 months yet.

I’m the oldest and the only girl. My name is Kathryn, after my mom; spelling and all. My nicknames growing up were Katie-Lee; which is a shortened version of my first and middle names, Katie Bird and Bunny. I have no idea where the second and third names come from but my family do still use them. The only people who still call me Katie-Lee are members of my best friends family, now people mostly stick to Katie, although there have been some interesting names over the years such as Kit-Kat, Kitty and Kitty Kat.

The middle child and the oldest boy in my family is Cameron. His nicknames growing up were Camboodles and Cam-bam, again no clue on the first ones origins but the second was due to his love of banging toys or pots and pans with whatever he could manage as a little guy. Now days his names are Cam and Cam-Bob; which is a shortened hillbilly version of his first and middle names combined.

The youngest of us three goes by his middle name and always has, Channing. My parents called him Sonshine and Chan-man where as kids being kids we used to call him Rollin x3 from the Fievel Goes West Movie, it worked because his first name is Roland. Now he seems to be the only one of us that doesn’t have a real nick name any more, lucky bugger.

This is all leading up to my daughters nicknames, because even though she’s only a few months old she does have them. Her most frequently used one has to be Monkey, I’m not sure how we got this one started but it gets whipped out almost as often as her name. Next is Maddie-Cakes; a play on the Patty Cake song. Her other one and my personal favourite is Maddie-Lou Who, of course from How The Grinch Stole Christmas and the little girl Cindy-Lou Who. A few months ago fresh from her bath I put her in one of those long open bottomed onesies and with her little blond hair all curled up she looked just ike the cartoon version of Cindy-Lou, it’s stuck around ever since.

I don’t know if any of her nick names will last throughout her childhood and if they do which ones but I hope whatever names she goes by are ones of her choosing and nothing vulgar. I’ve known several people who’ve been stuck with fairly awful ones over the years, not fun.

*Both of my brothers gave me permission to use thier names in this post specifically just so the nosey posey’s out there know. I will also update about my long weekend holidays once the 4th is over since I celebrate both Canada Day and Independance Day.


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