5 Months of JOY

Today Little Miss is 5 months old. I can’t begin to explain or describe how greatly she has changed both who I am and how I see the world now. I’ve always been a ‘See the world through rose tinted glasses’ type but now it seems as iff everything has a layer of glitter on top too. I am so honoured to be her mother and get to experience and watch her grow. We had a rough pregnancy and had to work extra hard to even after birth to get here but it’s all been worth it to see the baby she’s become and will grow to be.

Here are a few facts about her.


1. Little Miss can roll in a full circle and from front to back or back to front with no help and in any direction.

2. She can already get herself up into a crawl position, she just hasn’t figured out how to move but she can worm wiggle forwards and backwards as well as spin around.

3. She can sit up unassisted for a couple of moments at a time.

4. She can follow movement with both her head and just her eyes.

5. Passes toys and objects from hand to hand.

6. Can put her soother in her mouth unassisted as well as take it out.

7. Can grab and play with her toes, she tries to pt them in her mouth but hasn’t mastered it yet.

8. LIkes to pet the kitties. She moves her hand over them and only very rarely grasps the fur, but doesn’t tug so far.


Physical Attributes

1. Little Miss stil wears 0-3 month clothing and size 1 diapers.

2. She has been teething for a month now. You can feel little teeth under the gums but they haven’t broken through and they aren’t the usual first teeth.

3. She still hasn’t doubled her birth weight but the doctor feel she’s just a petite baby due to being almost a month early.

4. Even though the doctors said due to the RSV and bronchiolitis we should expect a cold/cough of medium to severe harshness every 6-8 weeks she hasn’t been sick since early March.

5. She’s still blonde and blue and hasn’t started to lose any hair.



1. Little Miss is a huge smiler.

2. She only ever cries if something is very wrong.

3. She passes all gases like a man.

4. She loves listening to the radio, pop music is best but id Beyonce comes on she freaks out in a bad way.

5. Mommy is her first choice when she’s tired or upset but Daddy is her favourite to laugh at.

6. She loves mirrors and knows that the mirror Mommy and Daddy aren’t real and will look at the real us through the mirror, even if you hide so you have no reflection.

7. She hates strong perfumes or walking by dirty bathrooms.

8. Her favourite mode of transportation is the chest carrier so she can see everything all around her. She’s a people watcher.

9. She loves to dance around the apartment in our arms.

10. She giggles and laughs are hilarious.   


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