Bug Hunting

I don’t bug hunt. I’ve spent years perfecting the art of ‘Don’t look at it and it will go away’ when it comes to bugs in my apartment. I avoid them as much as possible. I leave out raid traps and let them do my dirty work or I let the minions handle it. I grab a cup of water or coffee time depending and sit back and watch them like its a prime time UFC cage fight in my living room.

When we only had Bright-Eyes the bug hunting didn’t really happen. She’s older and upon first adoption very FAT, there’s no nice way to say it, she had/has no real interest in bugs unless they are crawling on her or her food. Then Pixie came along and that summer was the Invasion of the Ladybugs in Toronto. They were everywhere. We  could see them circling our living room light like it was the Empire State Building in King Kong. I don’t remember who thought to lift Pixie up into the air and hold her there but since she’s always focused intently on bugs she was staring up there constantly already, we just brought her closer. That kitty took to batting bugs out of the air like it was her job and dinner depended on it. She looked like one of those old cartoon men trying to swing a punch. She was our secret anti-bug weapon that summer and one or two times a day we’d hold her in the air Simba style and let her do her thing. To this day she still stares up longingly at the living room light fixture.

Later we got Soda and Pixie went from being a solo hunter to one half of an elite bug hunting team. They actually work in tandem now. We haven’t had any issues with lady bugs in a few years but lately flies have been sneaking in through the apartment hallway. Every now and then I’ll come across a dead fly gifted to ‘C’ and I on our counter top or even on the bed once or twice. As if they are saying ‘Look what we did!’ and every now and then when ‘C’ is home they get mean and will flying tackle the bug and hodl it down on the ground crying for ‘C’. They don’t want him to see what they’ve done, they want him to join in, they want him to drop the axe on the by then wingless fly.

That’s not to say flies are the only insects that dare to enter those portals, they’re just the most brazen it seems. Ants are more subtle and try to hide as if they know there are cats on the prowl. What got me writing this post today is in the last 24 hours I watched one member of the E.B.H.T face plant a wall in her effort to catch a spider out of her reach; she failed miserabley and instead spent 2 minutes clawing her way out of the corner and shredding the spines of a few books and the other half jump on and ravage a pair of those weird bugs that always look like they are in the middle of doing the dirty. She didn’t just attack and kill, she ate them too, alive, she’s kind of hardcore that way.

Our kitties offer endless entertainment and sometimes I think they would be truly offended if they ever realized a pass time they took so seriously offered us endless laughs. The flips and crashes we’ve witnessed are America’s Funniest Home Video worthy and the little bit we save on not having to buy raid anymore is inconsequental compared to the happiness and laughs they bring us. This cat house is pretty fun.


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