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Family Photo Shoot

We’re going to be doing a family photo shoot in a few weeks and I need ideas. This will be our first one and I want it to turn out great. I’ve wanted us to get some done for awhile, since she was born really and we never did. We weren’t able to. Little Miss was almost 4 weeks early and we had to let her mature and then at 2 1/2 weeks she got VERY ill and we spent a week at the hospital with her hooked up to monitors and a breathing machine. Even after we were able to bring her home we had to keep Little Miss in as much as possible and away from all but a few people for almost 2 months. We even had a set back or two, it was hard and definitely NOT the time to be thinking of doing pictures.

Now Little Miss just turned 6 months and she’s thriving so we’ve decided to try again and get some done. I’m very excited about this. Of course, I take lots of pictures of my baby and there are quite a few of her with her Daddy but there aren’t too many of her and I together. It just doesn’t happen really. ‘C’ isn’t a fan of being in pictures or taking them so he doesn’t really think of taking any and I’m usually holding the baby so I don’t really take any of us together and if I do they’re pretty bad. See, I can’t tell it’s a good picture oppertunity so I take a silly picture.

There are more pictures of Little Miss with our cats then there are of her and I. Those are cute though, they show how well the cats have adjusted to her and let her play with them. Right now Pixie’s tail is her favourite bed toy. She’ll hold it and wave it around and occassionally try to stick itin her mouth all while Pixie lies next to her watching. They’re cute really. And don’t worry I’m always ready to pull Little Miss away if she gets too annoying.

SO, now we’re going to finally get pictures all together as a family and I have no clue what sort of theme or back setting to use. We’re not just going to Walmart or another large store and getting plain pictures done. We’re getting a photographer to take them while we’re out and about; I ust have no clue where we should do them. So today if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate them! Let me know what you think would be fun and yet still classy and traditional.

Feline Diabetes

I mentioned in my introductory post for our cats that our oldest kitty Bright-Eyes has feline diabetes. She was diagnosed just over 3 years ago. It hit her hard and fast. She went from being a pudgy but slowly losing her excess fat kitty to so skinny you could feel her bones protruding under her skin and we thought she would die in less then 3 weeks. I got so desperate I called a local vet office and told them I was bringing her in, I didn’t ask I told.

The vet office saw her and took her into the back where we couldn’t follow. From what I gather they ran several blood tests and a swath of various other tests. It took around an hour. The doctor finally came out and brought our poor kitty who’d had patches along her shoulders and sides shaved off for the tests. She was PISSED. They told us they were nearly 100% sure of the diagnosis of diabetes but had to wait for extended results to be sure and then if it was she would need to be dropped off for a day so they could monitor her blood sugar level to decide how much insulin she’d need.

All I can say is pet insurance works. By the time we’d finished with the testing and getting Broght-Eyes set up with the first bottle of insulin and box of needles we’d easily spent over $500. I know that’s no small amount, but the year before she’d been ill and afterwards we decided upon getting insurance. After the initial deductable annually all of her medical expenses are covered including blood work and needles and insulin. It’s more then paid for itself. We share a plan with my mom and last year her cat was diagnosed with cancer. She spent $2700 altogether just on the surgery and testing amd meds for that in 3 months. ALL of it was covered. They give us more money back annually then we spent on our monthly premiums.

When we first stared giving Bright-Eyes her insulin it was every 12 hours and 7 units at each dose; 14 units a day. We give her her needle at food time which is also twice a day and only wet food. This always happens at 5:30. Yes even on weekend one of us, usually me, gets up and feeds, waters and gives her a needle. I’m not gonna lie and say it’s easy; it took several months before I could do it without flinching and now it’s just a part of our morning routine, but it’s worth it since she’s ours and family.

In the 3 years she’s been diabetic we’ve gone from 14 units a day of insulin to 2 a day as of yesterday. We’re hopeful to send her into full on remission within a year or so meaning that hopefully she’ll get to spend her last few years not being constantly pricked and poked. Cats are unique in the diabetic world this way. It’s most likely if it’s caught early and properly treated.

We’ve also gotten her weight firmly under control. When we adopted her she weighed in at 22 lbs. Yeah 22. She was 11 when she was dropped off at the Humane Society and came out a year later double that. Before she got sick we’d gotten her to about 18, pudgy but a lot better and able to move around and climb on the furniture. When she got sick she went from 18 to 11 in 3 weeks. It was so quick and drastic the doctors thought she would have permanent muscle damage and loss in her hind legs. When she walked it looked like she was wearing giant clown shoes the way her lower legs flopped as she moved. It was scary and so very sad. Now I’m so happy to be able to say there has been some slight loss in muscle but she walks normal and is almost fully back up to par in her leg strength. She is now 16 lbs 8 oz and has been for a year.

We never imagined anything like that would or could happen to a cat we owned and now that it has we’re just very greatful we caught it in time and that we’ve been lucky enough to keep it manageable. Of course there are some sacrifices, like going away requires a lot more planning but it’s now to the point we can at least be a few hours later in giving her a needle and are even able to give her dry treats sometimes. The vet’s are very impressed with how well she’s doing and said to keep doing whatever it was. They even asked which foods we’re using assuming it was one of the special(expensive) vet brands, nope, we use Friskie’s indoor wet food brand. We get all the flavours to mix it up for her but it’s working and we’re very happy about it. I highly recommend it to anyone with a diabetic kitty.

If anyone else out there has a beloved pet with diabetes or another daily illness I feel for you and hope everything is doing well.

We’ve been Busy

We’ve been busy in the last week or so and thus I have not written. Lots happened in our household. We finished swimming lessons. We tried about 5 more Summerlicious restaruant. I went to a baby shower and we had our 6 month check up and shots for Little Miss as well as ‘C’s 26th birthday. We also were on CBC news last Thursday. A very busy week+ indeed.

So last week was our last 2 swimming lessons in that session. The Little Miss and I managed to go to every one but the very first. Little Miss has done very well. She’s never cried, although she has spit up a few times. Kinda gross but I managed to catch most of it usually. We also met several other babies and have set up a few play dates/coffee dates. Was a great experience and Little Miss is now a Starfish level.

Over the course of the last week or so Little Miss and I went out to various downtown restaurants for their Summerlicious menu’s with just my Mama or Chan-Man came and my Aunt Chaz. We tried Pangea in Yorkville, which was lovely. We went to Quinn’s Steakhouse at the Sheraton, dessert and appitizer were the best parts. We tried this place called Wish just south of Bloor off Yonge, they were fantastic. We went to the Hot House Cafe and had a great time. I can’t even remember now which ones were a Summerlicious menu and which places we went were just regular menu. I know we also went to the Bier Markt on Saturday for brunch and Little Miss and I went to Hey Lucy’s on King St with my good friend one day as well as dinner with my in-laws on Thursday evening. Lots of eating out and food, all of it tasty. Little Miss was also very well behaved and enjoyed the sights and smells, she spent all of her time by the tables trying to reach for glasses and bread.

Last Wednesday ‘C’ turned 26. We didn’t plan anything big but I did go to this gourmet bakery in Liberty Village and got him a dozen specialty cupcakes, each a different flavour from For The Love of Cake. Maple-bacon is not as good as you’d think, pretty gross actually. I also got him the first 2 season of 3rd Rock From The Sun and season1 of Sons of Anarchy. There of course was a late ngiht present as well but since I try to keep this blog mostly PG I won’t go into any details, just use your imaginations.

Last Friday we went to the doctors office and Little Miss was weighed, measured and injected. I am so happy and relieved! She finally cracked the double birth weight! She weighed in at 14 lbs and 5oz. She was also a beautiful 25.5 inches long. The doctors are very impressed with her developement so far. EVen at the office she was trying to crawl about and shuffle off the table. When it came time for her needles this was the first time she didn’t cry. Not only did she not cry she didn’t even tear up, she gave the doctor the stink eye, LoL. I was so proud of her. Normally after the babies 6 month check up it isn’t necessary to return unless baby is sick until their 1 year, but because of all the health issues we had we’ll be going back around 9 months unless something comes up. I don’t see that happening but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday was the day of the baby shower, but first let me say I FINALLY went out for the first real time post baby Saturday night. Yes, I got fairly drunk and yes I greatly enjoyed it. I had previously written in another post about a friend whose son was born at 23 weeks and didn’t survive, this weekend was her due date. She needed to go out and keep busy and distracted. Saturday we went to a bar with another friend, Megs. We ended up going to a bar on Bloor called The Brunswick House, which is in our neighbourhood so I walked there. We danced and had a few drinks and I left a bit early since I knew I had to get up for a feeding around 4 and then get up and out of the house for 10:30. ‘C’ handled Little Miss while I was out. Now before someone freaks out and decides how awful I am for getting tipsy while giving my baby breast milk step back and take a deep breath, I pumped and dumped. I knew I was going out and made sure I had 2 extra bottled ready for me to be able to do so without her missing any bottles. She was fine and so was I. I was up and ready to greet the day by 7, not becasue the baby was up but because I’m a freak of nature and have always been an early riser, I was also non the worse for wear from going out the night before. I got up and ready making sure all the last preperations for the shower gift and a bag of clothing Little Miss had outgrown. The Baby shower was for ‘C’s aunt. She’s the youngest of his Aunts and only 10 yrs older then us. This is her first baby, a little girl. The shower was kids free so ‘C’ again watched the baby while I headed out to overload on estrogen. I had a great time, there were no game since people didn’t feel like playing, it was mostly food, presents and chatting. All very fun things for me, even watching someone else open gifts makes me happy I like seeing their surprise and happiness. Most of ‘C’s female relatives showed up even from several hours away and most of the father’s females relatives as well. It was lovely to see people I so rarely get to visit with and catch up. Of course family gossip is a huge part of any get together and I definitely got an ear full, but it was nearly all harmless and in good fun, the stuff that wasn’t was all still true and no one was hiding it. The food was excellent; expect for an overabundance of pickles, and the decorations were beautiful. After the party was over several women stayed behind to help tidying up and load the future Mama’s haul into the couples car.

I know I’m not writing this in perfect sequence but ph well. Thursday as we were heading intot he change rooms for our last swimming class we were stopped by on of the gym’s managers and asked if I minded being filmed for a segment on CBC about swimming at a young age and all the drownings Ontario has had this year. I didn’t mind, especially since if I didn’t want to be filmed we would miss the lesson. The class was the same as usual except a camera man occasionally was recording a few different techniques we were practicing. At the end a reporter asked if I minded answering a few questions. So it ended up that for the second time since the previous Friday Little Miss and I were on a local evening news broadcast. I’m glad that they were both positive ones. I didn’t see the first one but the CBC one I recorded and even managed to send a clip to a few family members. Little Miss was super cute, only a little disappointing that the ticket at the botton of the screen covered part of her face up, but her huge blue eyes were clearly visable (Sorry, her eyes amaze me, they’re huge and about 4 different shades of blue from icy/silver to dark navy).

Lots of other smaller things happened as well as a few bigger ones. One of those would be Sunday night after I came home from the shower and we put Little Miss to bed I decided to check in on her only to be shocked. I found her on her knees at the edge of her bed trying to pull up on the railing. SO glad I looked in. We sadly had to waken her fully by hauling her out and lowering her bed so she can’t do that anymore, I don’t want her falling out of bed yet. We also put up a guard rail on our bed at the same time since she comes into bed with us about 30 minutes before ‘C’ gets up. She also has started on baby food. She loves banana and sweet potatoe, she full on gags on beef. She tried sweet potatoe and turkey today and that went well. I’m sure there’s lots more I could go on about but Little Miss is waking up and spending time with her is way better then typing, I’m sure all the parents out there agree.

Have a lovely day/week/month/year whichever you prefer based on your frequency of reading my posts!

On The Move

I’m trying to decide if I want to buy door gates to wrangle Little Miss or let her be free range in the apartment. I’m not even talking about for in a month or so, I mean NOW. Little Miss is officially on the move and we’re 9 days away from her 6 month half birthday. Our aparntment isn’t huge so I would more then likely only need one but I am unsure if it’s the route I want to go.

Of course we’re going to baby proof, but I don’t believe in going crazy overboard with it. Plugs for outlets and locks for drawers and cupboards is sort of all I plan on and of course a complete blockade on the bathroom and litter boxes. I don’t want her growing up wrapped in cotton wool, I want her to be able to move about and experience even if that includes a few bumps and bruises. If I survived, and I’m incredibly accident prone – like ridiculously, then I figure other then a few upgrades in quality the same baby proofing should be ok for Little Miss.

I feel sometimes like the world has gone little crazy where baby/toddler safety is concerned. Yes, I wish I could protect Little Miss from every bad or scary thing out there as well as ensure she never has to experience pain but I know that’s not an option or realistic. So instead I want her to be aware, self-reliant and happy. I don’t know if that’s always possible but starting with letting her explore as much as possible without restraint and padded walls, floors and tables is a good start I feel. Begin as you mean to go on right?

What do you think? And any suggetions?

Swimming Lessons

We started baby swimming lessons June 26th. We go 2x a week for 30 minutes each time. We’re doing wonderfully so far. Little Miss loves being in the water and even kicks out her legs sometimes. She has never cried when being dunked quickly or screamed. I don’t want to jinx it but I’m very happy and proud that she’s one of the youngest in the group and the only one who doesn’t cry.

We’ve had a few bumps so far though. Due to Little Miss being a bit early as well as very petite overall she has almost no pudge. She gets cold in the water VERY quickly and easily. Our pool is a warmed salt water pool so it isn’t even as cool as other public pools yet she gets so cold she actually starts to go a little blueish. Though to be fair she isn’t the only one, but she is the quickest at it and the most blue. We usually end up getting out about 5 minutes early while the other babies do some free swim playing with water toys. We started lessons with a cute one piece and now we use a water shirt to try and help hold in some warmth. It works, but she still gets blueish just not as much anymore. 

 She also has a bit of a jelly belly. We can be 2 hours since eating and 2 hours away from eating and Little Miss still has the awesome ability to barf up liquid milk or chunky milk almost on demand. She can be lying down, bounching in her Jolly Jumper or even asleep, it doesn’t matter; she’s just barfy. So of course we’ve had some pool mishaps. The first few times I managed to Matrix my way into not having any get in the water but she decided that was no fun and upped her game. Now when she does it during swimming it’s during the pass off the the poor instructor so she gets a full dose of baby vomit. Not Mama, the random lady she only sees for a few minutes a week and always on the lift up so it flies. Yummy…

Yesterday was just plain scary for me but a hoot for her. I’ve mentioned before the Little Miss can have some poop problems, lately they’d gotten better but yesterday was going on day 9 1/2 poop free. Now all you worry warts don’t jump on the ‘Oh you must be an awful mommy to have done nothing yet’ band wagon. I’ve talked to her doctors several times and was told 3/4 days if she’s uncomfortable and trying is when to bring her in but if she’s happy and eating and not straining then after 7-10 to bring her in based on mood and I’ve talked to moms who’ve gone almost 3 weeks. I know my poop business here, kinda gross but there you have it. Anyways, I got us ready and out to the pool and realized somewhere on the walk over Little Miss had squeezed out a toothpasty poop plug. Nothing was scarier then the knowledge that if that was the plug we would eventually have a bomb come bursting forth from her little bum, and here we were ready for swimming.

We still went and I know in your mind you’re going ‘EW!’ but again she’s tiny so disposable swimmers aren’t an option yet, she can’t even fit in the smallest size. We bought washable ones that seal to her body and have a mesh liner with a pocket. She’s still had a dry bum a few times after swimming and shower. I wiped her down and we went out onto the pool deck. I talked with our instructor and explained the situation. SHE said it was ok and to be ready to act quickly if there was a poop because IF it leaked into the water they would have to close the pool down and drain it. I literally spent the whole lesson repeating ‘Please don’t poop til we’re out of the water, poop but not yet.’ Over and over again. We made it. No more poops at the gym.

In fact we only had one more little poop just before bed. She was chilling out in her rocking chair all strapped in after a bottle and ‘C’ and I were eating dinner when we heard a liquidy fart noise and looked over. Little Miss had this shocked look in her face, like she’d surprised herself pooping. Thinking based on the lack of poop lately and how much noise there was we didn’t even go near the change table. Straight to the tub we went and turned on the warm water. Poop ‘C’ acted like it was a ticking bomb, tip toeing around and shakily pulling her diaper tabs off. I won’t go into detail but what proceeded was a wash down then bath, which she thought was the bees knees.

We still haven’t had the dam burst and since today would be day 10 I’m calling the doctor even though she’s had to 2 mini poops, but they don’t really count to me. Each one was less then half of a normal daily poop for her and she’s showing signs of discomfort now. We’ll see what happens. Wish us luck!