Canada Day and Independence Day

I have dual citizenship. Both of my parents are American but I was born and raised in Canada. I feel the emotional tug of both during the beginning of July each year. This year was my first as a Mom and I tried to make the most of it.

Like most people my holiday started Friday, although I get no time off since I’ma full time mom, but instead of it starting in the evening it began in the morning. Little Miss and I had lunch with an old work colleague who due to a very lengthy surgery is still off work recovering. We then shopped around in the Annex looking at silly bits and bobs before we went out separate ways and we continued on to a BBQ at my best friends for the evening. ‘C’ wasn’t with us since he worked a midnight shift as a favour that evening. We visited Bestie and her daughter as her parents came over too.

Saturday you’d think that we would have been able to do some sort of family outing or something since ‘C’ was now off, you’d be wrong. He came home from his night shift with food poisoning. He spent the morning praying to the porcelain gods or curled up on the bed. Saturday was a cruddy day.

On Sunday, Canada Day, we did another BBQ but this was a large group one. Lots of friends and laughs and food. Little Miss even discovered that cold pop cans are great fun to gum on and play with. She also looked SUPER cute in her red and white lady bug outfit. We didn’t go to any of the various fireworks shows throughout the city, we decided Little Miss is still too young and I was tired.

We went out to Whitby, a town in the GTA, on the Monday for another BBQ. Yes, we did a lot of those in the last few days, but so fun. This time there was a lovely inground swimming pool that we definitely took advantage of. Little Miss has already started swimming lessons and loves playing in the tub, this was the first time we got to let her bob around outside of her lessons. She had an absolute blast flirting with everyone and using people as personal napping stations. She was a total doll. I even had the chance to splash about myself while she was sleeping and got to play a few hands of rummy 500. Of all the BBQ’s we went to this was my favourite.

Tuesday we rested up and yesterday was Independence Day. Since I live in Canada there were no big celebrations happening but a girlfriend whose daughter is 2.5 months and I decided to make a day of it and took the babies to Stars and Strollers. Stars and Strollers is a specific movie for moms abduction their little. Sometimes its a child friendly movie and sometimes its more adult. This was my third time going and her first. We loved it and weren’t the only ones. There must have been at least 40 Strollers outside the screen room and all of us Mamas there to see Magic Mike. Fabulous. Afterwards we went shopping at Babies R Us for some accessories for Little Miss and her various and numerous belongings.

I know our holiday long weekend wasn’t anything wild or crazy but for us it was fun, relaxing and stress free; exactly what we all hope our holidays will be. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll even get some fireworks in!


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