Happy International Kissing Day!

Have you kissed you loved one yet today? Today is International Kissing Day, a day to remind us all of the simple pleasures of a kiss for a kiss’ sake. How often do you just kiss the one you love with no intent of anything else?

I have not had the chance to give ‘C’ anything other then our good-bye and hello triple kisses before he went to work and when he came home, but I plan on it. I’m not going to go into details but as today is a day all about kissing I hope to get in an old fashioned high school make out session at some point tonight after Little Miss is in bed. Yes, yes, I know T.M.I but come on, what did you expect?

To everyone out there grab someone and pucker up! Give them a big ol’ smooch today and enjoy the little ping a good kiss can bring.


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