What Makes You Beautiful

We all think our sons or daughters are the most beautiful children walking this planet and I’m not going to say otherwise. I think Little Miss is gorgeous and tell her so constantly. I just hope that as she grows she sees herself as even half as lovely as I do but I know that’s asking for a lot now days. Have you read the statistics coming out about little girls? Not teenaged or pre-teen, I’m talking 10 and under. Scary stuff.

In the 90’s the average age girls started dieting fell from 14 to 8, can you imagine, when I was 8 I was beating up boys and busy with swim team, track and field and soft ball. I don’t remember being self conscious about my weight or looks until high school. By age 10 81% are afraid of becoming ‘fat’. That’s crazy, at 10 most little girls haven’t even started the earliest stages of puberty. I know some have, I was wearing actual bras at 10, but most liittle girls are still LITTLE GIRLS, they shouldn’t have to feel they are fat or be scared of weight gain.

There’s also the over sexualization of products for children. Abercrombie & Fitch last year released a line of push up bras originally geared for girls as young as 7, but relented and changed there adverts for 12+. 7 year olds in push up bras! Why are adults, people who should be proctecting children’s innocence from this sort of thing encouraging it? If I walked up to a 7 year old and said I liked how her bra made her breasts look I would be a pervert and rightfully so, so when did it become ok for designers to tell us we should dress our babies like pornstars and hookers? If you wouldn’t wear it why are you letting your kids, and even if you do/would wear it, it’s for grown ups.

I played with make up, I admit it and don’t mind that if Little Miss wants to play with it, but do I think she needs a lip stick with her all the time by 7? No, she can suck it up and have cherry flavoured chapstick. I played with make up; not wore it everyday. I didn’t in high school and I still don’t. When she’s old enough to buy her own she’s more then welcome to but until then I want to give her the chance to be a child for as much as possible.  Did you know that even in the recession women are buying make up just as often, in fact sales have gone up, and a chunk of that (Around $40 Million monthly) is for hair and make up products for 8-12 year olds.

When Little Miss grows up I want her to be confident in herself and who she is, not in what she looks like in the mirror. I want her to value personality over looks and know that a pretty face doesn’t equate to ones worth. I also want her to know that make up is frosting not the definition of a person. I also want her to know weight is important health wise and for no other reason. I don’t want her obsessing about her calorie intake vs. output.

I hope that as she grows and matures she comes to realize just how beautiful everyone is with all of their imperfections and flaws and that there is no true one definition of beauty. I’m going to do everything in my power to give her the best chance possible to be a care free little girl with normal worries and concerns and not care what some stupid TV show or designer has decided she should be concerned with. I’m not saying I won’t ever let her have make up or let her get her hair done, as a woman with wild hair I firmly believe in management but babies don’t need to look like a pagent goer.

What do you think? As a parent would you let your little girl diet at 8 or wear thong panties? Would you encourage the slow deterioration of her self confidence and worth by buying into pop cultures greed and desire for your money by letting her wear make up everyday and wear clothing more suited to women of ‘illrepute’?

Information found at these sites:

1. www.healthkicker.com

2. www.eatingdisorders411.com


4. http://jezebel.com/5190631/child-beauty-consumers-to-stave-off-the-cosmetic-recession

If you disagree, please feel free to. This is my opinion and how I feel but I encourage others to believe what they want.


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