Fred’s Not Here

Every summer and winter here in Toronto a large group of restaurants join togeter with the city of Toronto for 2-3 weeks to offer great discounts for lunch and/or dinner, giving diners an opportunity to try a restaurant they may otherwise not experience. They’re called Summerlicious and Winterlicious appropriately. Last night we went to Fred’s Not Here; a steak house that specializes in wood grilled steaks and sea food.

We booked for 5 pm figuring since Little Miss was coming along earleir is better mood wise. We were given a table with a large padded bench on one side. I was able to lay a blanket across the bench and let her sit/lean on me and when she was ready for a nap to lay her there; don’t worry my leg was along the edge to whole time and a hand was on her too. She was fabulously behaved and the other dinners were not inconvienced whatsoever by her presence.

Most restaurants offer a choice of 3-6 dinner options and Freed’s is no different. 2 of us ordered the Fre’s caesar salad and my Mama ordered their Heidelberg Stemmler’s Garlic Sausage as our appetizers. The portions aren’t huge but the salad was tasty and Mama said her sausage was pretty good as well, but she sort of wishes she’d had the calamari instead. Chan-Man and I, all three of us kids really, cannot stand sea food so calamari wasn’t even a consideration for us. ‘C’ wasn’t able to come along since he was working a night shift over on Yonge st as a favour to his manager.

Our dinner choices were all different. Chan-man had the ‘California cut’ New York Sirloin cooked med/well with garlic mushrooms and duck frites. He loved everything but the veggies. Most of my family are huge carnivoreswith little love of veggies, there I’m weird. Mama had the Prime Rib as rare as she could get it with yukon mashed potatoes. I had the Filet Mignon med/well with the mushroom risotto. Mama and I switched our sides. I loved the Filet Mignon, it was very tender and well cooked. Mama told me she thought the Prime Rib was ok, but she’s had better.

Once again at dessert we all got a different one. Chan-man had the vanilla bean chessecake, Mama had the fresh strawberries with cream and I had the chocolate mousse. Everyone was very happy with their pick. My family is ok with splitting something so we can each try a bit of a few different things. Mama and I split our desserts. Very tasty.

At the end of the evening we all discussed what we thought and if any of us were interested in going back another time. Chan-man said yes, Mama said not so much and I said yes as well. I even called ‘C’ and asked how he felt about maybe going for his birthday soon. He said yes of course since he was a little peeved he didn’t get to come with us in the first place.

Overall if I was a foodie and wanted to play at critiquing I would give Fred’s Not Here a 4 out of 5. We had a great time and the atmosphere was trendy without being abrasive and the food was delightful. As I said ‘C’ and I will definitely be going back so for Fred’s Not Here Summerlicious was a success in my family.


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