Swimming Lessons

We started baby swimming lessons June 26th. We go 2x a week for 30 minutes each time. We’re doing wonderfully so far. Little Miss loves being in the water and even kicks out her legs sometimes. She has never cried when being dunked quickly or screamed. I don’t want to jinx it but I’m very happy and proud that she’s one of the youngest in the group and the only one who doesn’t cry.

We’ve had a few bumps so far though. Due to Little Miss being a bit early as well as very petite overall she has almost no pudge. She gets cold in the water VERY quickly and easily. Our pool is a warmed salt water pool so it isn’t even as cool as other public pools yet she gets so cold she actually starts to go a little blueish. Though to be fair she isn’t the only one, but she is the quickest at it and the most blue. We usually end up getting out about 5 minutes early while the other babies do some free swim playing with water toys. We started lessons with a cute one piece and now we use a water shirt to try and help hold in some warmth. It works, but she still gets blueish just not as much anymore. 

 She also has a bit of a jelly belly. We can be 2 hours since eating and 2 hours away from eating and Little Miss still has the awesome ability to barf up liquid milk or chunky milk almost on demand. She can be lying down, bounching in her Jolly Jumper or even asleep, it doesn’t matter; she’s just barfy. So of course we’ve had some pool mishaps. The first few times I managed to Matrix my way into not having any get in the water but she decided that was no fun and upped her game. Now when she does it during swimming it’s during the pass off the the poor instructor so she gets a full dose of baby vomit. Not Mama, the random lady she only sees for a few minutes a week and always on the lift up so it flies. Yummy…

Yesterday was just plain scary for me but a hoot for her. I’ve mentioned before the Little Miss can have some poop problems, lately they’d gotten better but yesterday was going on day 9 1/2 poop free. Now all you worry warts don’t jump on the ‘Oh you must be an awful mommy to have done nothing yet’ band wagon. I’ve talked to her doctors several times and was told 3/4 days if she’s uncomfortable and trying is when to bring her in but if she’s happy and eating and not straining then after 7-10 to bring her in based on mood and I’ve talked to moms who’ve gone almost 3 weeks. I know my poop business here, kinda gross but there you have it. Anyways, I got us ready and out to the pool and realized somewhere on the walk over Little Miss had squeezed out a toothpasty poop plug. Nothing was scarier then the knowledge that if that was the plug we would eventually have a bomb come bursting forth from her little bum, and here we were ready for swimming.

We still went and I know in your mind you’re going ‘EW!’ but again she’s tiny so disposable swimmers aren’t an option yet, she can’t even fit in the smallest size. We bought washable ones that seal to her body and have a mesh liner with a pocket. She’s still had a dry bum a few times after swimming and shower. I wiped her down and we went out onto the pool deck. I talked with our instructor and explained the situation. SHE said it was ok and to be ready to act quickly if there was a poop because IF it leaked into the water they would have to close the pool down and drain it. I literally spent the whole lesson repeating ‘Please don’t poop til we’re out of the water, poop but not yet.’ Over and over again. We made it. No more poops at the gym.

In fact we only had one more little poop just before bed. She was chilling out in her rocking chair all strapped in after a bottle and ‘C’ and I were eating dinner when we heard a liquidy fart noise and looked over. Little Miss had this shocked look in her face, like she’d surprised herself pooping. Thinking based on the lack of poop lately and how much noise there was we didn’t even go near the change table. Straight to the tub we went and turned on the warm water. Poop ‘C’ acted like it was a ticking bomb, tip toeing around and shakily pulling her diaper tabs off. I won’t go into detail but what proceeded was a wash down then bath, which she thought was the bees knees.

We still haven’t had the dam burst and since today would be day 10 I’m calling the doctor even though she’s had to 2 mini poops, but they don’t really count to me. Each one was less then half of a normal daily poop for her and she’s showing signs of discomfort now. We’ll see what happens. Wish us luck!


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