On The Move

I’m trying to decide if I want to buy door gates to wrangle Little Miss or let her be free range in the apartment. I’m not even talking about for in a month or so, I mean NOW. Little Miss is officially on the move and we’re 9 days away from her 6 month half birthday. Our aparntment isn’t huge so I would more then likely only need one but I am unsure if it’s the route I want to go.

Of course we’re going to baby proof, but I don’t believe in going crazy overboard with it. Plugs for outlets and locks for drawers and cupboards is sort of all I plan on and of course a complete blockade on the bathroom and litter boxes. I don’t want her growing up wrapped in cotton wool, I want her to be able to move about and experience even if that includes a few bumps and bruises. If I survived, and I’m incredibly accident prone – like ridiculously, then I figure other then a few upgrades in quality the same baby proofing should be ok for Little Miss.

I feel sometimes like the world has gone little crazy where baby/toddler safety is concerned. Yes, I wish I could protect Little Miss from every bad or scary thing out there as well as ensure she never has to experience pain but I know that’s not an option or realistic. So instead I want her to be aware, self-reliant and happy. I don’t know if that’s always possible but starting with letting her explore as much as possible without restraint and padded walls, floors and tables is a good start I feel. Begin as you mean to go on right?

What do you think? And any suggetions?


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