Family Photo Shoot

We’re going to be doing a family photo shoot in a few weeks and I need ideas. This will be our first one and I want it to turn out great. I’ve wanted us to get some done for awhile, since she was born really and we never did. We weren’t able to. Little Miss was almost 4 weeks early and we had to let her mature and then at 2 1/2 weeks she got VERY ill and we spent a week at the hospital with her hooked up to monitors and a breathing machine. Even after we were able to bring her home we had to keep Little Miss in as much as possible and away from all but a few people for almost 2 months. We even had a set back or two, it was hard and definitely NOT the time to be thinking of doing pictures.

Now Little Miss just turned 6 months and she’s thriving so we’ve decided to try again and get some done. I’m very excited about this. Of course, I take lots of pictures of my baby and there are quite a few of her with her Daddy but there aren’t too many of her and I together. It just doesn’t happen really. ‘C’ isn’t a fan of being in pictures or taking them so he doesn’t really think of taking any and I’m usually holding the baby so I don’t really take any of us together and if I do they’re pretty bad. See, I can’t tell it’s a good picture oppertunity so I take a silly picture.

There are more pictures of Little Miss with our cats then there are of her and I. Those are cute though, they show how well the cats have adjusted to her and let her play with them. Right now Pixie’s tail is her favourite bed toy. She’ll hold it and wave it around and occassionally try to stick itin her mouth all while Pixie lies next to her watching. They’re cute really. And don’t worry I’m always ready to pull Little Miss away if she gets too annoying.

SO, now we’re going to finally get pictures all together as a family and I have no clue what sort of theme or back setting to use. We’re not just going to Walmart or another large store and getting plain pictures done. We’re getting a photographer to take them while we’re out and about; I ust have no clue where we should do them. So today if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate them! Let me know what you think would be fun and yet still classy and traditional.


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