Beachy Days

Today Little Miss and I met up with `S` and went to Ashbridges Bay here in Toronto. After yesterdays thunder storms it was a beautiful day for beaching it up. The last time we were there was Good Friday and although very warm for early April not warm enough. This was the babies first time really at the beach and not just sitting in the stroller going for a push.

We took the TTC to get there meeting up with `S`at Woodbine Subway. On Monday we tried baby sunscreen for the first time and today was the second time Little Miss wore it. I slathered her in the stuff and rubbed some in on my face and shoulders. We were there during the warmest and brightest part of the afternoon yes, but since I`d been planning a beach day for awhile had a plan ready to put into action to keep Little Miss out of the sun for more then a few moments. Using the stroller and a sheet we made a mini triagular tent with a few towels in the sand for a base and she was happily able to crawl about exploring in the shade. We even set it up so that at sleep time she could lounge in her stroller in comfort. It was great and I`m looking forward to trying it again with another Mama and stroller to make a larger tent thingy for the babies and us.

We sat around in the sun for a bit chatting and even took Little Miss to the waters edge and let her squidge her toes in the tiny rocks just under the shoreline. She thought it was fantastic to have the water slashing and moving about unlike the pool or tubs. Until a big wave came and surprised her, then she was done. `S` and I got some sun and Little Miss got to try a new adventure. After she fell asleep we packed up the stroller and went for a walk along the boardwalk and bike path. `S` and I probably walked around a km or two and even decided to give ourselves a mini fitness challenge to complete by the end of the month.

When we headed home we split up again at Woodbine Subway and Little Miss, who was awake again and I heaaded to the grocery store before coming home to Daddy. `C` happily informed me I was sun burnt, I had a `C` burn he called it since normally I never let myself birn and he always comes home cooked lobstery. My calves are red and my neck is red and so are my biceps. My face and shoulders are ok, but since I`d only used a bit of sun screen thinking I never burn it was definitely not enough. Now I hurt. Boo. But today was still a fun mellow day and we got a few nice pictures out of it! Hopefully we`ll do it again soon


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