Trying To Get Back in Shape

I used to be in shape, not body builder or fitness instructor fit but I was fit and healthy. Then I moved half way across Ontario and went from an on my feet all day job to a sit at a desk job. I didn’t notice at first but slowly I gained some weight. I can’t tell you how much, I don’t know. I don’t own a scale and refuse to know what I weigh, I don’t think it’s a proper measurement of health and fitness. It made me unhappy and more insecure about myself so I decided to start getting healthier again. I didn’t jump into a crazy work out regime or try any of the hundreds of fad diets that we read about so much. I just started eating better and walking more. My goal wasn’t a number but a pant size I had previously worn.

Things were going pretty well, I’d gotten to just a size over my goal when I found out I was pregnant. Ugh, it was hard to watch my clothes go from shrinking slowly to growning in size steadily. I wasn’t panicing but it definitely wasn’t a thrill. I got a gym membership while I was pregnant and started swimming 3-4 days a week to at least help with staying in shape and my muscle flexibily since I’d hoped to have a vaginal birth and the doctors mentioned it could help. Then we has contractions at 20 weeks and I was told to baby it and then at what they thought was 28 but turned out to be 26 weeks we had a placental abruption and I got put on modified bed rest for the entirety of the remaining  part of our pregnancy. It drove me BONKERS. Really. Do you know how little you can do on bedrest? I wasn’t even allowed to lift anything heavier then my smallest kitty (9lbs). Modified bedrest meant absolutley no exercising, no walks even.

I didn’t balloon but I did gain at a slightly increased pace execpt for a few weeks where both baby and I had no change and the doctors paniced mildly before we both levelled out again. Finally Little Miss was born, early yes, and I was now recovering from a C-section. C-section means not a lot of strenuous exercise for 6-7 weeks and even then I had a sick baby to deal with who had to be kept away from strangers and lots of germs for several weeks post illness. Since then I’ve just not been back in the healthy mind frame until recently.

Around 2 months ago both Little Miss and I were well enough to start being able to go for daily walks. I tried to make sure we were out for at least an hour at a time, not rushing but at least out walking. Then I started her in baby swim lessons in July and that added an extra hour of travel/exercise to our daily total since I am her personal floatation device. So I haven’t been actively trying to lose weight, in fact I’m pretty sure I’m the same size as I was 3 months ago weight and all, but now I am ready to slowly try.

I mentioned in a post the other day that a friend ‘S’ and I have given ourselves a mini fitness challenge. Our goal is that by the end of the month we’ll both be doing 50 crunches, 50 side crunches on each side and 50 leg lifts every day. I know it’s not a lot but it’s a start and if we do well we’ve decided to add something new to the mix for end of September, probably something leg related since we both want to work on those as well as our tummies.

Of course just working out isn’t enough but since Little Miss is still getting breast milk I refuse to go on any crazy diets as much for her as me. (I hate dieting at anytime, and love sweets and carbs too much). Instead I’m going to lower my carb intake, nothing much but enough to notice, and stop drinking pop. Maybe in September I’ll work on my chocolate intake, but for now baby steps.

I’m not in a rush and my true goal is to get healthy ov er skinny, but I do admit that feeling better about my post baby body is important to me. I want to feel healthy and sexy, not that I don’t now, but I want it feel that way more then I do now. Occasionally isn’t enough, I want it to be how I feel more often than not. I think it’s good for me and for my relationship with ‘C’.

Yesterday was the first day I tried it and I managed to do 25 of each. I’d planned on doing the second set of 25 in the evening but got distracted. Even while doing the first set Little Miss sat looking down at me laughing as my back connecting and disconnecting with the floor made farting noises. She thought it was hilarious, the little heathen. She’s go off on a giggle fit every time it happened and I can’t help but laugh with her, her happiness is infective.

I don’t plan on writing about this every day or maybe even every week but I will try to keep people updated on my progress. Wish me luck!


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