Belly Painting

I was going through pictures from my pregnancy and since Little Miss was born to get some printed up for her baby memory book and came across some of the belly paintings we did before our bed rest. Anyone who is pregnant and looking for something fun to do should consider trying it out. You can google it and there are tons of pictures of people who’ve done it. Hilary Duff even did a few this past Christmas while she was pregnant.

We did our paintings at 27 weeks, a week before the abruption put everything on stand by. It was a great fun experience. I know there are people whom you can pay to do the paintings for you but I simply went over to a girlfriends and we started playing with ideas and paints. During the painting Little MIss would follow the brush wherever it happened to be on my tummy. The paint was cold and the rhythmic back and forth of the brush were soothing to her I think, like when you rub your belly.

I wish we’d had a chance to do all of the ideas for my tummy we’d planned on such as a present at Christmas time or a big disco ball at New Year’s but the few we did get to do were pretty good for all they were fairly simple. here are a few…


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