Hand Foot and Mouth

Ever heard of Hand foot and mouth disease? No? yes? Well last week we had to deal with Little Miss suffering through a case of it. It’s a viral infection that as you can tell by the name effects your child hands, feet and their little mouths. They can get red bumps or sores on the palms/soles of the feet and hands as well as inside their mouths although it can cover more than those areas and has various levels of severity. It also usually come with a fever and a loss of appetite due to the pain from the sores.

We got it all. We spent 2-3 days going back an forth between no fever and 101. Poor Little Miss was no happy, she’d be hungry and yet only eat maybe half her usual amount and totally stopped wanting her baby food. We were basically only giving her bottles and having to feed more frequently. This also meant less sleep and a more fussiness. When she feels bad or is over tired Little Miss gets clingy and doesn’t like sleeping without Mommy or Daddy with her. Luckily she doesn’t mind lying down and doesn’t need to be rocked constantly or in her bouncer but she does want her head resting on an arm and a hand lightly patting her little bum.

We have almost completely got to start over on her bed time routine now since all last week was off schedule with her going down anywhere between 4-7:30. I know some people are probably thinking ‘just wake her up and make her stick to her bed time’ but I refuse to stress her out more when she’s feeling so poorly already. So what if it means I’m a bit more tired and clinging to my coffee cup with a bit more of a death grip? We obviously were not going out and about, she was contagious and had a fever. I can deal with her when we’re both sleep deprived as it generally means she’s less interested in scooting about and exploring.

Oddly enough Hand foot and mouth is going around here in Toronto this summer yet none of my follow Mommy friends knew until we all got hit. Literally Bestie’s daughter Jay and one of her sisters twin girls and Little Miss all were dealing with it at once as well as the day care at my JCC had a slew of babies/kids fall victim all at once. Not fun for anyone. As it’s a virus there is nothing the doctors can really do for you other then the usual advice on meds and keeping the hydrated, you just have to ride it out unless dehydration sets in for your babies fever spikes up to 102, then it’s off to the doctors or hospital. Happily none of us had to go that route.


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