Growing Pains

I said how last week Little Miss was sick with Hand Foot and Mouth disease what I didn’t mention was how even after getting better she still seemed off. I know why! Last night as I was changing her to get ready for bed Little Miss gave me a huge grin and I guess due to the angle I saw that she now has a tiny little tooth that has broken through. Her off pattern behaviour has been growing pains, and yet she didn’t turn into a total demon.

I know that when you look up usual teething patterns of babies most of them develope their bottom two front teeth first and then their top two. Not this Little Miss, oh no, she decided to sprout one of her upper side teeth as in it almost looks like she’s growing a fang. I also noticed that in the same place on the opposite side look ready to come through soon as well. My baby is literally growning a set of fangs as her first teeth, she’s turning into a baby vampire.

She also over the last few weeks has been working on a little hand wave. She hasn’t mastered it and cannot alays control the breadth of her wave but it’s there and she’s slowly refining the when and how’s of her motions. She likes to show it off when we’re outside for walks or when she’s parading through a crowd in her stroller in a busy public forum. It’s so adorable and stunning to me how quickly she’s progressing at times. She’ll go a couple of weeks at a bit of a plateau and then BOOM 1-3 new skills or quirks pop up seemingly overnight.

I’m thrilled that she’s developing so well and gaining the skills she needs to learn and grow. It makes me so proud, and yes I know she’s only 6 months, even of things like teeth coming in which she has no control over. I’m proud and bursting at the seams with it but also saddened. Saddened because with every new skill she gains and every inch she grows Little Miss is slowly moving towards her independance and not needing ‘C’ and I.

I was on the phone with Daddy Bear last night and he said that he felt something similar as he watched us grow up and now we don’t need him anymore. I told him that’s not true and he said that then it wouldn’t be for her either. He’s right, we don’t NEED him or Mama anymore for survival. Now when I say I need them I’m asking for their opinions and thoughts as well as company and friendship. We’ll always have a parent/child relationship but I like that I can have a fully adult conversation with either of my parents and both my brothers where everyone treats the others with respect and there is not belittling or talking down because 3 of us happen to be their offspring. Up until I was put on bed rest I always made a point of having Daddy/Daughter dates or Mom/Daughter dates with my parents whenever we could. I’m lucky in that I happen to like who my parents are as people outside of parenthood and they for some crazy reason feel the same way about me.

I hope that as Little Miss grows she likes her parents and thinks we’re cool enough to spend time with because she wants to not out of a sense of duty. I hope she chooses to talk to us and share her life and what’s going on within with us beyond the age where we control and schedule their lives for them. She’s years away from this but it feels as if time is speeding up and I already cannot believe she’ll be 7 months in a week and a half. I want to look her in the eyes and say ‘Stop it, stop growing up’ but I also cannot wait to see her grow up and experience life to the fullest, hopefully letting her doddering old parents tag along.

So keep growing and learn Little Miss just please, please,please let your Mommy and Daddy be there to see and experience it all with you!


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