Kitty Love

Little Miss loves the kitties. When she’s hanging outon or in her various toys and whatnots if one meanders into her orbit she’s ecstatic. She goes off on a burble giggle fest reach for them or if she was free ranging it crawling for all her might to them. Sometimes they let her catch them and others they almost play along walking slowly enough she’s chasing them. It’s hilarious to watch and I’m pretty sure they are the reason she’s been able to crawl for almost a month.

This is from the weekend and Bright-Eyes was lounging above Little Miss and I on the love seat, of course she was spotted and Little Miss just had to touch. Bright-Eyes let her goober and slobber on her as well as paw and tug a little on her. This picture was taken just before Bright-Eyes decided she was done playing with the baby and hopped on to the floor.


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