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Gus and Little Miss

Little Miss and I want to visit Bestie again the other day and her kitten, Gus, and Little Miss seem to have a love hate relationship. They love to poke and follow eachother but hate when the other corners them. Gus and Little Miss will do the silly girly slap the air by eachother but neither has made full contact yet. I know it’s probably going to happen but we keep watch and it’s funny to see them crawl around the carpet together. This picture was on bestie’s bed and Little Miss was winding down for a nap. Gus wanted to be close to her and ended up curling into the crook of her knees when she finally fell asleep.

Strong Female Protagonists

I’ve written before about how my book reading as has taken a drastic decrease in time and numbers since I gave birth to Little Miss, but it doesn’t mean that I never get to read. I also wrote about how one of my favourite genres is romance, including hystericals (historicals). I like happy endings, what can I say, I’m a sap. What I can’t stand are weak female protagonists. They drive me crazy.

Bella in Twilight? I only finished the first book because I made a promise to do so and wouldn’t let myself read anything else or watch tv until I had. It was that hard for me to get through. I couldn’t and can’t stand it. That’s not romance, that’s an abusive relationship packaged in terrible writing and poor plot lines. I’m going to write about some of my favourite female protagonists who are strong and empowered/empowering.

I first came across Eve Dallas and the In Death series by JD Robb by accident while digging through my mothers library. I didn’t start with book one I started mid way through the series. By series I don’t mean a book series of 5-6, this series has 44 stories out including novellas in anthologies. 44, can you imagine, and all of these books follow Eve Dallas in her mission as a N.Y.C homicide detective. I don’t believe in spoilers so it’s very hard for me to describe just who she is and has become throughout the books so I’m going to paste a descriptor from the JD Robb website here:


When she was eight years old, Eve was found in an alley in Dallas, Texas, with no memory of her life until then. Her father was despicable, a criminal who raped her repeatedly during her short life with him, and was planning to offer her to pedophiles—until she killed him in self-defense. After she was found, she was put into the foster care system until she was eighteen, when she moved to New York.

Now a homicide Lieutenant for the NYPSD (New York Police and Security Department), Eve is tough-as-nails and no-holds-barred. She is brusque, aggressive, and efficient. Eve is dedicated to finding justice for the dead, so she barely sleeps or eats until the case is solved.

Eve is still growing emotionally and cases involving women and children, particularly rape victims, are extremely difficult. Her childhood memories haunt her in nightmares, which have become less severe since meeting Roarke, her life’s love and protector. Powerful, brilliant, and disgustingly rich, Roarke encourages Eve to open herself to the opportunities of being a wife and friend. Tall and lanky with whiskey-colored eyes and short choppy brown hair, Eve’s tastes are simple while Roarke delights in the exquisite and ornamented…especially when he can give Eve clothing suggestions. Her softer side is increasingly on display, but she only allows those very close to her to experience this. Roarke is privy, of course, but so are colleagues and friends like Mavis, Dr. Mira, her partner Detective Peabody, and Captain Feeney. Dr. Mira, because she is both the department’s top criminal profiler, as well as a therapist, has played a professional and personal role in Eve’s life.

Even though Eve is in a commited long term relationship with a very dominant and powerful man she never lets him steamroll her. They are equals and their opinions can often differ and the resulting clashes are fantastic; full of passion and heat and no fear of either expressing their beliefs. Eve is and equal partner in the relaionship. In her professional life she’s the boss. In a world where men are still seen as more powerful she doesn’t let that hinder her or her investigations and the search for justice. She has proven she is just as smart and tough as the men in her world and is not afraid to show it. She’s confident and secure in who she is, not needing a man to validate her sense of self worth.

One of my other favourite female leads is Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series. I’m fully willing to admit I’m not a huge fan of fantasy books but Patricia briggs is my one guaranteed exception. I had read all of her previous books when the first of her Urban Fantasy series came out. Moon Called, takes place in the tri-cities and is written in the first person. Mercy Thompson is a an auto mechanic who happens to be a walker. What is a walker? A walker is a native american magical ability to turn into a coyote, she doesn’t need the moon or any sort of injury to garner the ability, she was born with it. Mercy was raised by the Aphla werewolf in North America and her next door neighbour is the Aphla of the pack in her area. One of her best friends is a Vampire and her old boss is a fae. The fae have been out in public knowledge for about 20 years in the series beginning.

With all these dominate males running around in her life you’d think Mercy would probably be on the shy and submissivee side and that would be wrong. She is a go-getter. When something goes sour in Mercy’s life she doesn’t go running to the nearest man to help fix her problems, she not only fixes her own problmes she storms out and deals with the mens problems too.  Mercy believes in getting dirty when necessary. She won’t be pushed into the back ground and let the men decide what’s to be done, Mercy stands up for herself and what she believes is right. As of this moment there are 6 books in the series published with the 7th slated to be released this coming spring, there are also 3 books in a spin off series and a number of novellas.

I’m not saying I don’t mind the occasional fluffy romance, they can be great when I’m in the right mood but sometimes (alright most of the time) I want a woman who is more like me; someone who doesn’t sit on the sidelines of her life while watching the men pick and choose what will happen. I like to introduce friends and family to new books and series and these are my two favourite ones. I’ve gotten Bestie hooked on the In Death books and as soon as she finishes them I’m going to work on the Mercy Thompson ones next. They are addictive. She’s even getting other people to read the series as well. As long as authors keep writing books with strong female protagonists for me to balance out the fluffy useless females with i’ll keep reading them and hopefully be able to introduced Little Miss to female go-getters before someone else tries to poison her mind with the fluff first. As a warning to anyone who knows us and reads this; you give her crap and I have no hesitation about throwing it out.

Each of these fabulous writers as their own websites and here are the links: – Patricia Briggs – JD Robb, who for those not in the know is actually a pseudonym for Nora Roberts.

Happy Birthday (to me)

It’s almost my birthday. At 5:32 am on September 19th, 1986 I came bursting into the world. It’s been a crazy 26 years and I’m greatful for every one of them and all the memories I’ve accumulated over those years. There have been very low moments and sky high ones, there have been moments of great anger and frustration as well as joy and exhilaration. I’ve made some bad decisions and some good ones and all of them I have learned from, no regrets only lessons.

This is my first birthday as a mother and it seems so very different; or maybe I’m so very different now. Things that used to seem like such a big deal no longer matter and things that didn’t matter now take on new meaning. Little Miss might be too young to remember this year flying by but C and I will and the first birthday as a parent seems like a big deal for us. It’s a definable moment in our lives directions and who we’re becoming as people.

Tomorrow we won’t be doing anything special, but the day will still be special to me and those I love. So, I’m wishing myself a Happy Birthday! and also a Happy Internation Talk Like A Pirate Day too. LoL.

My Forth Birthday

Wilderness Walk

I already wrote about the wedding reception this past Saturday, now onto Sunday. I went on a hike with 3x Mama. Daddy-Bear and Chan-Man had to drive into Ottawa to see Cam-Bob and we had decided to stay  behind. Daddy-Bear and 3x Mama had mentioned that just outside of Perth a farmer had built hiking trails through out a huge portion of his wooded property and let people wonder about so long as they respected the land and didn’t destroy the metal artwork he creates himself and puts out. He also adds a new trail every couple of years and does all the maintaining himself.

That’s where we went hiking. It took us nearly three hours to go through most of the trails and we still didn’t get them all. We didn’t rush through them nor did we walk slowly. All of the trails are through hilly wooded areas or small fields, a pretty decent workout no matter the pace you choose to set. There we even 2 pulley bridges we got to use as well as a mini suspension bridge. It was fantastic. The trails are very well maintained and the farmer has even built some lovely outhouses that are honestly tidier then ones I’ve seen and used at camping grounds. There’s even a playground for children with a picnic area he built. I can’t wait to go back later on this fall when the leaves have started to change and again in the spring when the Trilliums are in full bloom. It was lovely on Sunday but we visited right in the middle of the two major colour booms in the Ottawa region so there were no massive bursts of red and golds or floorbeds of flowers everywhere, I’ve been told it’s a true sight during these times. I also cannot wait for when Little Miss is a bit older and I can take her along and play in the playground.

I didn’t meet the farmer but 3x Mama told me she’s met him a few times and he truly is a nice man who wants people to go out and enjoy nature and his artwoork; which is interesting enough I’m surprised he hasn’t started to sell it yet. His work is just the sort of stuff cottagers would enjoy as well as others. It actually has a Disney’s Alice In Wonderland as well as a slightly dark sense of humour feel to it you’ll see coming up.

Reunited At Last

I got home just before midnight last night. It was such a relief to see Little Miss sleeping comfortably with C lying next to her. I spent most of the train ride home hoping they could just hold on a little longer. C told me yesterday that she’d had enough of no mommy being home and spent most of the afternoon clinging onto him or crying non stop. I came home to find them both sleeping in our bed. There was something so peaceful about coming home to them and joining my family in the bed while I fed her before sleeping myself.