Night Away

My previous post was about our decision for me to go away to a family friends wedding and leave both ‘C’ and Little Miss here in Toronto for  a family get together on his side. I mentioned going to Bestie’s for the night this past Saturday as a trial seperation to see how all three of us handled it. I didn’t write about what I did while away as it didn’t fit into the topic. Here is my night out.

We knew I would be pumping and dumping as well as having looked up the time it takes a breast feeding women to process alcohol in her system. Since I didn’t have to worry about Little Miss needing a bottle I was able to drink a bit. I was not going to get ‘wasted’ or anything so bad I couldn’t make the trip home if needed or be so bad I couldn’t keep to my pump schedule. I was going to drink though. All night we had Sweet Tea Raspberry flavoured vodka and mixed it with either juice (my favourite) or Coke for those who preferred and Cold Shots for the beer drinker; there were a few little sampler drinks as well but nothing big.

There were 7 of us all hanging out; 4 women and 3 men. Of the group only two are not parents so we all had children to care for the next day for the most part thusly keeping on the lighter side of drunk. It was fun and silly. We had BBQ’d burgers earlier in the evening and then pasta closer to bed time. We played a few games and did a lot of laughing. It was nice to get out (altough not go out) for an evening and get to be myself without having to censor what I did or said within reason. I won’t lie and say I was totally sober but nor was I drunk. I was able to keep to my pump schedule and for the most part my morning wake up time as well.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to do that again but I do know that if and when I do I’ll be more confident about leaving Little Miss with her father and not worrying myself to distraction about all the unlikely but possible situations they could end up in.


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