Just A Quickie

This isn’t a fulll post I just had to say before i forget that Little Miss sprouted a 4TH! Yes, 4th tooth yesterday afternoon. Less then a month ago she had none and now she has her bottom two front teeth and her top two lateral incisors. No sign yet of her two front teeth but who knows at this rate. This morning I also got a shock when as I was washing the pump parts and she was crawling around I turned to check on her after about 30 seconds and she’d gone from playing on her knees to standing on her feet holding onto the cats kitty condo.

Standing! On her own! Next will be taking her first steps without her Mommy or Daddy supporting her. I’m so proud and so sad at the same time. It’s so gratifying to see our parenting choices and how we’ve chosen to let her explore and learn with minimal boundries work for who Little Miss is becoming. I know it’s not a method everyone chooses but for us it seems right and she’s enjoying getting to roam where she will. Our only true restrictions are the washroom where the litter box is and the kitchen cabinets. It’s fascinating to see how Little Miss seems to stay on one level of developement after mastering a new skill for a few weeks and the BANG! a new skill emerges ahead of schedule, usually taking us completely by surprise.

Yet, it also makes me sad to know that with every skill mastered she needs us a little bit less. I know logically that’s what parenting is and what we all hope our children are able to do but it still hurts in my heart to see her slowly moving away from me. I know it will be a long time before it happens and we’re just observers with the occassional chance to be on the front line in her life but I can’t help missing her already. I miss the tiny little newborn bundle of love and joy she was on her first day. I just hope that as she continues to grow and reach new milestones she still looks to us for adulation and support and at least for the next few years feels we’re the most important and cool people in her life. I hope she contiues to grow and master anything tries and becomes a strong independent young woman but that she lets us be there to watch and wonder at the person she has become.


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