We Almost Killed The Mother Of The Bride.

We didn’t really almost kill her but the wedding reception I came to Ottawa for ended up being a fiasco. I mentioned recently that Little Miss would be staying home in Toronto while I had to be in the Ottawa region for a family friends wedding. That was this weekend.
I have three step brothers on Daddy Bears side on top of my two younger brothers. The oldest was married 2 weeks ago so I’ll refer to him as the groom. The middle is out and proud and a totally awesome gay version of me; we’ll call him the Sub since he is a substitute teacher. The youngest is the most athletic and play on a recreational soccer team so on here he’ll be the Kicker.
Since Little Miss and C were staying behind the middle of my three step brothers was my date. Sub, Chan-Man and I went to Kelseys for dinner since we weren’t a part of the wedding party before heading back to Subs outhouse in Barrhaven to change for the wedding. Not being aware of the bars status at the reception we filled a couple of flasks and posed for a few silly and nice pictures before driving off.
Last night was a terrible night to have a wedding or reception on the water. Its was very wet and windy and was surprisingly cool. It had been storming on and off all day and when we arrived it was inbetween bouts of heavy rainfall. The reception was at a lovely yacht club with staff to walk you to and from the parking which gave me an extra body to put between myself and the massive gusts of frigid air… It didn’t help.
We arrived about 25 minutes after the reception had started and congratulated the bride and groom first thing. We sat down at the table next to the brides family with our parents and Sub and I cracked a few jokes about being the odd couple at the wedding; the unwed mother and her gaytactic(his word) date. A moment later we heard a gasp and ‘Call 911!’
We had no clue what was happening; only that the brides mother was in the chair closest to us unconscious and the bride was helping to keep her upright. About 9 different people called the EMS services and for a yacht club only about 5 kms from the nearest hospital it took quite awhile for them to arrive, 25 minutes. That whole time the brides mother was mostly unresponsive. When the EMS, fire department and police finally arrived it still took another 20 minutes or so before she was carried out to the ambulance and we knew that the party was over since both bride and groom went with her.
It was a stoke that luckily was caught in time and as of now she seems to be doing pretty well and we’ve been told they are very hopeful there will be little lasting damage. I can’t even express accurately how glad I am for them and their children that as of now other the a ruined night and several hours of intense worry and fear for the most part its all ok. Unfortunately the table she was at was rofht by the dance floor whew her grand children were playing they sadly saw everything. Very luckily people were there to help take them away to sooth and calm as well as help the other guests know what was happening and what they were doing.
Daddy Bear, Sub, 3x Mama and I headed back to Subs house and we decided to have a few drinks there before Daddy Bear drove US home since he was the designated driver. Of course at first things were somewhat quiet and more reserved in light of what we had just come back from but things did loosen up and soon we were talking and joking about everyday things. Although we can’t say for sure, Sub and I can’t help but wonder since ce she was right by US and in hearing distance if our crude humour in anyways topped off the trigger for what happened. Logically we know that incredibly unlikely but you can’t help bit wonder given the timing.

The above is an altered picture of Sub and I before heading out. Altered to protect his identity as well as one we played with jokingly.
It was a lovely day and even g up until the medical emergency and I truly hope for all involved that everything turns out well and the is ok and recovering well. Hopefully, the bride and groom are also able to hold on to the beauty of the ceremony and the evening before they had to leave for the hospital on their wedding day.


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