Wilderness Walk

I already wrote about the wedding reception this past Saturday, now onto Sunday. I went on a hike with 3x Mama. Daddy-Bear and Chan-Man had to drive into Ottawa to see Cam-Bob and we had decided to stay  behind. Daddy-Bear and 3x Mama had mentioned that just outside of Perth a farmer had built hiking trails through out a huge portion of his wooded property and let people wonder about so long as they respected the land and didn’t destroy the metal artwork he creates himself and puts out. He also adds a new trail every couple of years and does all the maintaining himself.

That’s where we went hiking. It took us nearly three hours to go through most of the trails and we still didn’t get them all. We didn’t rush through them nor did we walk slowly. All of the trails are through hilly wooded areas or small fields, a pretty decent workout no matter the pace you choose to set. There we even 2 pulley bridges we got to use as well as a mini suspension bridge. It was fantastic. The trails are very well maintained and the farmer has even built some lovely outhouses that are honestly tidier then ones I’ve seen and used at camping grounds. There’s even a playground for children with a picnic area he built. I can’t wait to go back later on this fall when the leaves have started to change and again in the spring when the Trilliums are in full bloom. It was lovely on Sunday but we visited right in the middle of the two major colour booms in the Ottawa region so there were no massive bursts of red and golds or floorbeds of flowers everywhere, I’ve been told it’s a true sight during these times. I also cannot wait for when Little Miss is a bit older and I can take her along and play in the playground.

I didn’t meet the farmer but 3x Mama told me she’s met him a few times and he truly is a nice man who wants people to go out and enjoy nature and his artwoork; which is interesting enough I’m surprised he hasn’t started to sell it yet. His work is just the sort of stuff cottagers would enjoy as well as others. It actually has a Disney’s Alice In Wonderland as well as a slightly dark sense of humour feel to it you’ll see coming up.


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