Happy Birthday (to me)

It’s almost my birthday. At 5:32 am on September 19th, 1986 I came bursting into the world. It’s been a crazy 26 years and I’m greatful for every one of them and all the memories I’ve accumulated over those years. There have been very low moments and sky high ones, there have been moments of great anger and frustration as well as joy and exhilaration. I’ve made some bad decisions and some good ones and all of them I have learned from, no regrets only lessons.

This is my first birthday as a mother and it seems so very different; or maybe I’m so very different now. Things that used to seem like such a big deal no longer matter and things that didn’t matter now take on new meaning. Little Miss might be too young to remember this year flying by but C and I will and the first birthday as a parent seems like a big deal for us. It’s a definable moment in our lives directions and who we’re becoming as people.

Tomorrow we won’t be doing anything special, but the day will still be special to me and those I love. So, I’m wishing myself a Happy Birthday! and also a Happy Internation Talk Like A Pirate Day too. LoL.

My Forth Birthday


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