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Halloween Costume Birthday Party

Yesterday was a girlfriends daughters 4th birthday. Since it’s so close to Halloween and the majority of the children going were around 4 and up the theme was costumes, any costume you wanted you could wear. I was unsure originally if we would be able to go because this past week Little Miss managed to give herself a minor concussion and things had been fairly rough for her with the headaches and fussies. Happily Little Miss was up and about and feeling good yesterday so we were able to dress her up and go to the party.

Little Miss wasn’t the only baby/toddler at the party. Jay was there dressed in a Tinker Bell costume and another friend (Ti) had her daughter dressed as Sleeping Beauty, it even lit up along the skirt,and her son as Scooby Doo. Little Miss was dressed as Cinderella and Besties son Jor was an army ranger. Cas, the birthday girl, was a pink cowgirl and there was a little witch and even the odd parent dressed up. Ti’s fiance even dressed up as a baby for a bit of it.

Keeping a room full of babies, toddlers and little kids entertained is not easy. Games are too mature for the littlest in the bunch and due to all the other kids bopping around toys don’t help in keeping the littlest distracted for long. The older kids did get to play hot potatoe and musical chairs as well as getting to paint giant pictures. It was fun to watch Little Miss’s fascination with the other children. She loves babies and other kids so for her yesterday was a blast.

Ti’s mother makes cakes and for thwarted birthday made an absolutely delicious strawberry shortcake one for the party. It looked as if it was for a bakery. Little Miss even had a few bites of cake only after I had scooped of the whipped icing. The kids got pizza to eat beforehand as well as chocolates and chips to snack on.

Unfortunately Little Miss and I had to leave a bit early to catch our bus home so we didn’t get to see all over the presents opened but Cas definitely got a good haul of a variety of toys, not just Barbies and Bratz. In fact, one of her gifts was a fish tank with hermit crabs which absolutley thrilled her.

I always feel a twinge of sadness for kids whose birthdays happen to fall on or almost on big holidays and celebration days. It seems that so often the birthday ends up eclipsed by all the rest going on.
Vi did a great job of making sure the party was fun and incorporated Halloween into it well so that people didn’t feel as if it was an extra effort. It also was nice for the kids to have a reason to wear their costumes before the big day.






9 Month Wellness Check Up

I know I’ve been bad and not doing full posts lately. In fact the post previous to this took all weekend because I irefuse to write while Little Miss is up and about and I also refuse to write when C is home and it would take away from our time together. Since it’s now Monday and C is at work and Little Miss is lying next to me conked out I figured I could pop off a bit of an update post on my phone. Also, yes my baby is lying asleep next to me in bed; she’s been gassy and not resting easily lately and if it helps her sleep I don’t mind lying next to her.

Last week I took Little Miss for a 9 month wellness check up. She didn’t need any booster shots but due to her complicated birth and illness so soon after as well as her small stature we go in more often to make sure everything is alright; though we did choose to get the flu shot while there.

At this check up it was mostly a talk about her habits and what we’ve been doing as well as milestones and any concerns. I told them that we delayed solids because she wasn’t ready and it was causing her and I stress and when we finally started how she went straight to finger foods. I was a bit worried about how they would react but the doctor needed his head and Saud his youngest was the same, so we did right not forcing the issue. We also talked about Little Miss’s sleep habits and arrangements and how both C and I felt/were dealing with them.

It was interesting to talk to a male in the medical profession who was so pro attachment style parenting. In my experience most men are not for it so much as their partner has chosen to do it. C and I don’t practice any set parenting method really, we just go with what feels best and most comfortable for us as a family, but it was nice to not have a doctor raise their eyebrows over some if our choices. The doctor was even giving me some tips on things to try a little further down the road.

After chatting about development next came measuring her growth and checking Little Miss for any physical concerns. I’m happy to say she weighed in at 16 lbs 4 oz and was 27.5 inches long(tall?). I know she’s on the light side but she’s stayed on a healthy growth pattern for her. The doctor showed next Germany chart and said since she was breast fed its natural for Little Miss to be less pudgy than a formula fed baby and as long as she’s still growing to not worry over much. He said she’s just a petite baby.

Next up was needle time. We both were getting the flu shot so it was decided I would have mine first and then she would get hers in case it set her off into fits of crying or shouting. Baby didn’t even flinch. She even gave the doctor a smile a moment later as I bundled her up and out the door. She has to go back 4 weeks later to get a second dose and I’m hoping she’ll take it just as well. She was fantastic throughout the whole visit, not a single tear or meltdown and we had to wait an extra hour because the office was behind and short staffed that day. The staff couldn’t believe how well behaved she was and how overall bubbly she is.

Movies I Can’t Wait To Watch With Little Miss As She Grows

Right now Little Miss has no interest in anything on tv unless it’s singing. I could literally turn on the most graphic show/movie you could find and she wouldn’t even glance at the screen unless the characters broke out into song. It’s doesn’t hold any allure to her. I know this will most likely change in the next year or so but for now it’s pretty great. I can turn the tv to my favourite radio show in the morning and she lights up hearing the songs and the hosts manical laughter. We listen to 92.5 Kiss fm here in Toronto in the mornings. I don’t plan on being too strict about television watching but I do plan on making sure she has an appreciation of other activities at home as well, but in saying that there are a few movies I can’t wait to watch with her as she gets older. Some of these are still favourites of mine and some have danced in and out of favour with me over the years but all are ones where I want to be there to watch her face fill with wonder and awe or see the smile/giggles escape as she enjoys herself.

Movies I Can’t Wait To Watch With Little Miss As She Grows

1. The Little Mermaid/The Beauty And The Beast – I to this day love theses movie. I can sing entire songs from memory from The Little Mermaid(Being a nanny had some major perks in that area). Ariel was the first princess as far as I’m concerned who did sit around and wait for her prince to rescue her. Eric still had to save her in the end but up until then Ariel went out of her way to strike out on her own and take her life into her own hands. I know the story does not follow the original and I know it’s not perfect but the music is catchy and I think Ursula is an awesome villian.

With Beauty and the Beast again I like that Belle isn’t a super sissy who sits around waiting for love to find her. She’s curious and loves to read (go figure I like that trait) and willing to stand up for herself and those she cares about. Again the songs are great and the artwork is gorgeous. I like that unlike so many of the previous villians in princess movies with the execption of Cinderella’s stepmother Gaston has no magic. He is just selfish and cares nothing for anyone else’s opinions or feelings. Again, I know the story for modern times makes it appear that Belle has Stockholm, but considering I fully plan on having Little Miss aware of the orignal stories and their original meanings I don’t care.

I also don’t care if people think I’m princessizing my daughter just based on the majority of this list because C and I know we aren’t.

2. The Labyrinth – I LOVE this movie. It came out the year I was born and I can’t even remember the first time I saw it but I know this movie backwards and forewards. I love David Bowie and I love the music and songs. I love the puppets and although I still find Sarah whiny I like the story and know that she’s supposed to be a self-involved teenager, she does it well. I hope to be able to dress Little Miss up as Toby next year.

3. Star Wars – The original 4-6. I’ve already to our friends and family to not talk about the whole Darth Vader being Luke’s father thing in front of Little Miss because C and I want to be able to see her face the first time she watches the movies and hears Vader tell Luke the truth. A silly thing but still since they are some of his favourite movies it’s a nice hope to have I think.

4. Grease – This was the first musical I remember seeing. Yes, I know some of the innuendo is mature for a child but it’s innuendo for a reason; if you don’t understand the double meanings and gestures it has no effect. Also, John Travolta was my first movie star crush, I can remember being 4/5 and telling my parents I was going to marry him. His life is a hot mess now but back then and in a childs eyes none of that matters. It’s also another movie where there’s lots of singing and dancing and a Happily Ever After implied.

5. Lilo and Stitch – Elvis, Hawaii, Aliens and a nice story of family and acceptance. Sounds like the making of a good movie to me. My parents raised me weird. They would listen to oldies at home and in the car and tell my brothers and I that it was the ‘in’ music at the time. We grew up listening to Elvis, ABBA and Meatloaf, ect… I like that style of music to this day so a movie with alarge number of Elvis hits is alright by me, especially when the story is about sticking by your family (blood related or chosen) and accepting them for who they are imperfections and all.

6. Mulan – Yes, another Disney ‘Princess’ movie. Mulan is not just a typical princess is the form of the original 3 (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella) She’s not even technically a Princess. Mulan is a one of the oldest stories that supports gender equality in Chinese culture and has been very popular for centuries. The movie is not accurate to the original in the same way all other Disney movies differ from the original but it’s fun and again about protecting your family and your sense of who you are. It’s a movie that shows little girls they don’t NEED a man/prince to rescue them or give them value as a person, just belief in themselves.

There are more and I could happily name a bunch off easily but since they range all over the place in maturity I figure they don’t count since at the moment I’m more talking about movies Little Miss can watch as a little girl.

Pickled Puss

Today Little Miss and I went out to lunch with a friend from work. We went to the Brazen Head Pub in Liberty Village. Little Miss had her usual jumble of bites off of my plate and Vicki asked if she wanted her pickle slice. At first I said no but then realized I didn’t know if she would eat it or not and decided to let her try. This is the result.


And this is the pickle after she had eaten it and tried to turn it around to eat the other side but it fell on the floor.


Followed At The Grocery Store

How paranoid are you about the potential of someone snatching your baby or child? We all have that worry somewhere in the back of our minds that there is the possibility of it happening, but I am an optimist, I try to be aware of the possibility not let it become an obsession. In the last few years there have been some extreme cases of attempted baby/child snatching in the Toronto area. There was a case where a model organised a phony casting call for infants and using a Beck Taxi stole a baby. The child was returned and she has since been sentenced. There was an incident where a 4 yr old girl was taken from her bed in the middle of the night. She was quickly found as well, but it’s a scary thing to read these stories as it seems they are becoming more commonplace.

Obviously as very proud new parents C and I think Little Miss is the most beautiful baby in the world. We both have seen these stories and many more and decided most recently after sereral stories where the parents were with the child and would be abductors still tried to make off with the children to increase our vigilance. When we are out whether shopping or just travelling on he TTC we always make sure the the stroller or shopping cart Little Miss is in is in front of us and we have a hand holding onto it. We make sure to never have our backs turned away from her and try to stay aware of those around us. Even when we’re on the subway and she’s sleeping I don’t take my attention off of Little Miss. I used to read on the TTC and now I usually focus on her and the other people in the area.

This isn’t just a random post. Last week Little Miss and I were at the grocery store I’ve been going to since I moved back to Toronto. I’ve gotten to know several of the full time empoylees well enough to have minor chitchat about our day to day lives. They see Little Miss and say hi and comment on her growth and development. This is not creepy. Last week as I got her settled into the shopping cart Little Miss drew the usual baby lovers to her like flies. Lots of ‘Oh, she’s so pretty’s and ‘Look at that smile!’s. There was one woman who smiled at us but kept back a few feet. As we wove our way around the fresh produce section I noticed the woman who stayed back constantly in my peripheral vision a lot. I decided to pay closer attention while still shopping. As we continued persuing the aisles I became aware that not she seemed to be following us. Not the ‘oh we haappen to be going down the same aisles’ following. I don’t shop in a linear fashion. I’m more of a random/flitterer shopper going up and down aisles as I’m interested, very hard to accidentally have the exact same shopping pattern as I have. This woman was following following Little Miss. Not me, my baby. She would barely look at me but was constantly staring at the baby. She would stay at least 10 feet away but come on, I’m not stupid and my warning bells were blaring. I had a minor case of stalking and even they were more subtle then this woman was. This was blatant out in the open following us.

Finally I’d had enough. I was getting really creeped out and scared. what if this woman with the intense smile and eyes decided to get too close. I didn’t know her, I have no clue what she wants or intends. She could be harmless, but in those moments that’s not what I’m thinking. My only thought is to keep my baby safe. I went over to the customer service desk and said something was wrong. She’s one of the people I know somewhat. She asked what was wrong and as I started to tell her the woman following us quickly left. She abandoned her EMPTY shopping cart and just walked away. Even though the woman left I gave her description and now the store is on alret for her. They have cameras and are going to be on the lookout for is she returns. I have also chosen to change our shopping habits for a bit. No more going at the same time or day. We’re going to shake things up a bit in case she returns. Looking back now that it’s been about a week I can see things more clearly and calmly, but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t do the exact same thing. I did not know her or her intentions and I can truly say that as paranoid as I’ve lelt sometimes keeping so much attention on my daughter I no longer do, I feel somewhat justified.

This situation ended wel, but you never know when something can go wrong. I`m not telling telling anyone else how to react or chose to look after their children when out in public, but I feel that I should just reiterate being careful and always going with your gut if something feels off to you.