My Favourite Baby Purchase – Kidco Go-Pod

As parents we’re constantly surprised at the things we feel we NEED for our children. I’ve tried to steer clear of this habit and have been fairly good at it mostly. I fail when it comes to cute outfits, I just have to buy them and can always justify it but we’ve mostly steered clear of products designed for only home use or to wrangle Little Miss. Of course we have some toys and baby chairs that are strictly for home use but my all time favourite non clothing piece we’ve picked up is the Kidco Go-Pod. I love it!

Imagine a camping chair for babies/toddlers. That’s it. It is basically an exersaucer that’s portable and you can change the attached toys whenever you want. I picked one up from the Babies R Us website back in April. Little Miss was still too small for it but eventually grew big enough we could break it in. It has four height settings to grow with her. Since it is collapsible and has a storage case it’s great for apartment dwellers as we can put it away in a closet or under abed when not in use and it only takes a moment to open or close. It’s also fairly light-weight for when you want to bring it with you if you’re travelling, which I will be doing this upcoming weekend. It comes in several different colour options which is nice for those who want choices and from personal experience can withstand when your child gets excited and starts forcefully jumping around in it. It also has an added baby bonus that I only discovered upon seeing Little Miss do it, which is the support frame is a great little foot rest when she wants to prop her feet up and just lean backwards. I do use it everyday, but only for 15-20 minutes spans at a time when I’m trying to do housework or pump and can’t be chasing her around. She loves it and thinks its great that the attached toys change every so often, it takes longer to get bored and keeps her happier overall.

I highly recommend the Go-Pod to anyone with limited space and who tend to be on the go with a baby that is on the move themselves. It was well worth the money and to me is a better deal than a classic style exersaucer as it’s less expensive and you can get more usage out of it if you take it along with you.


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